We’ve finally arrived people, we’re at the end of the road. The end of the autumn series. Now, I don’t normally include an eyeshadow section to my seasonal series and that’s simply because I mainly use palettes which are pretty versatile for all year around. But there’s something about autumn that just encourages me to go back to certain favourites which I don’t generally gravitate towards all year round and some of my favourite palettes get pushed to the side because they don’t fit into that ‘autumnal aesthetic’. So for the last time, let’s see the chosen few.

Blank Canvas Master Series Palette One
I never used to be into matte eyeshadows, I was all about the shimmer but then I was also pretty terrible at eyeshadow application and ‘transitional shades’ didn’t mean a thing to me, so that explains a lot. This year I’ve really improved my eyeshadow skills and this matte palette from Blank Canvas has definitely helped me advance my skills. I’ve loved wearing them alone but recently, in true autumn style, I’ve been building my base with these and then adding a touch of copper, gold or bronzed eyeshadow in the centre of my lid for the ultimate autumn eye look. There are some gorgeous shades in here and the formula is amazing. 

NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Isolde
Speaking of putting a touch of gold to the eyelid, that’s normally been from my NARS Duo Isolde. Isolde has ‘cult’ status in the eyeshadow world and I completely buy into that hype, it really is as beautiful as it looks. I love NARS eyeshadows, they’re so buttery, highly pigmented and easy to work with and I’m a huge fan of their duos. Both shades of Isolde are gorgeous and sometimes I just wear these two alone or at other times I use them alongside other palettes like the Blank Canvas one. Not an autumn should go by without using Isolde!

Charlotte Tilbury Quad in Dolce Vita
Another classic autumnal eyeshadow palette is Dolce Vita from Charlotte Tilbury so I’m hardly being revolutionary with this list but I couldn’t not include this one as it’s such a staple in my autumn makeup collection. I don’t love the Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow formula as much as the others on this list as they are slightly more powdery and less creamy than I’d like, but they are ridiculously long-lasting so swings and roundabouts. The top right burnt red shade is what sets this little quad apart for me as it’s like nothing else I own and looks just gorgeous on the eyes. If you’re new to eyeshadow I’d definitely recommend this quad as it’s fairly foolproof with application too.

Zoeva Cocoa Blends Palette
This palette is, again, going to be on a lot of people’s autumnal makeup lists and I can totally see why. This is actually my first autumn with it as I got it last Christmas and at first, I thought I was going to have to wait till autumn to get use out of it but really I’ve loved it all year around. In the last few weeks, I’ve loved it even more (I didn’t think that was possible) as although it does work all year round, it comes into its own in autumn. I’d buy this palette alone for those three bottom left-most shades as they just create the most beautiful look.

Colourpop Super Shock Shadows in Cornelious and Amaze
Although I like to focus a little more on my eye looks in autumn, that doesn’t mean adding another twenty minutes to the makeup routine. I have a few ‘quick fixes’ for when I want a quick and easy makeup look whilst still having all those autumnal vibes. The combination of Cornelious and Amaze is exactly that. Cornelious, the perfect matte brown all over the lid and blended up, Amaze across the lid over the top = done. The Super Shock Shadow formula is one of my favourites, especially for the shimmer shades and if you’re looking to build your Colourpop collection, I’d definitely recommend these two shades.

What are your favourite eyeshadows for autumn?