So the other day I was chatting all about my favourite lipsticks for autumn and you may have thought I offered quite a few suggestions. Well, turns out, I have more, so many more. I decided to split my autumnal lipstick recommendations into two because one part clearly just wasn’t enough as I frickin’ LOVE autumn lipsticks and whilst the other day I was showing some neutral and brown shades, today I’m talking all about those classic berry and red shades. As before, I’ve got plenty of different formulas here so I’m sure at least one of these will satisfy your autumn lipstick needs.

Rimmel 107
I had to just get this one out of the way early on because it was inevitably going to happen, wasn’t it? Rimmel 107 is the berry lipstick in my humble opinion, loved by bloggers for years, it deserves every inch of hype it gets. I get all sorts of cosy feels when I put this on for the first time and it’s the kind of lipstick where you keep checking it in every car mirror and window – not to see if it’s smudged – but to admire it as it’s just so damn pretty. I’ve never seen anyone look bad in this as it seems to be universally flattering and like all the best Rimmel lipsticks it has a great pigmented and long-lasting formula.

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Damned
This year something very, very sad happened. I lost one of my all time favourite lip products and that was my NARS Lip Pencil in Dolce Vita. Damned was actually the first lip pencil I got from NARS and I did kind of abandoned it for Dolce Vita as I was permanently obsessed with that shade. But I’ve recently remembered (in Dolce Vita’s absence) just why I loved Damned so much. These are not only the most long-lasting lip products I’ve ever tried, seriously they don’t budge, but Damned itself is a gorgeous purply-berry shade that is perfect for this time of year. I find these really comfortable on the lips too as although they can be a little dryng, the pencil formula makes them really weightless which is my ideal kinda lip.

Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipstick in Magni-Fig
These Bourjois lipsticks got really highly raved about a few weeks ago due to some seriously generous blogger packages. Well, I was totally swayed by the hype and ran out to pick up my own shade, choosing the plum shade Magni-Fig. As you can see from my swatch below, this lipstick is extremely pigmented – that was just one swipe of colour. For a matte, I find it really comfortable too and it has decent longevity. Doesn’t quite beat Rimmel 107 but still a nice one to have.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Budapest
I’ve come to the conclusion that I struggle with darker liquid lipsticks, I like the neutrals and light shades but the dark ones is where I can’t get them to work with me. The only formula which is kinda liquid are these soft matte lip creams from NYX. I bought Copenhagen last year as my staple autumnal berry but it was much too dark for my complexion, turns out Budapest was what I was looking for. These feel like nothing on your lips, I can literally forget I’m wearing it, and Budapest is a gorgeous muted dark rose shade. Love it.

Rimmel The Only 1 Matte in Take The Stage
Whilst I’ve become fairly comfortable with wearing berry shades in autumn, I’m determined to make this year the year where I regularly wear reds. I just love the look of red lipstick yet rarely brave it or can find shades which suit me. Well if anything is going to make me brave it it’s Take The Stage from Rimmel. I’ve been raving about this one a lot recently as it’s just such a classic red hue and works well with my skintone – which feels rare for a red. Again, love this Rimmel formula – ridiculously long-lasting and easy to wear.

Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose
Now I don’t go for a bold or bright every day as I’m a huge fan of tinted lip balms and one of my favourite formulas are the lip butters from Korres. Wild Rose is a dark red which not only feels nourishing on the lips but has decent colour payoff – especially for a tinted lip balm. I find myself reaching for these all the time and I’m pretty sure Wild Rose is going to be a permanent addition to my handbag this autumn.

Which lipsticks are you keeping in your autumn makeup bag?