I say from time and time again two of my favourite things about blogging are blogging events and being able to discover new brands, and recently, both those things happened at the same time. I headed over to East London for a masterclass with Joan Collins’ long-term MUA Alyn Waterman to find out all about her collection – a collection I’d heard of but not tried. It was such a great event and not only did I learn some great tips and tricks from a serious beauty expert, but also discovered quite how heavily involved Joan herself was when it comes to her beauty line. This beauty line literally has a lifetime of experience and beauty knowledge in it! Anyway, I’ve been testing out the products and thought I’d report back on a few first impressions.

Divine Lips Lipstick in Melanie
I’ll just start by saying everything in the collection is packaged to perfection with art-deco inspired gold packaging, absolute drool. The lipsticks are so sleek and remind of a gold Charlotte Tilbury lipstick which is always a good thing. There are 16 lipstick shades available all in the ‘Divine Lips’ formula which is ultra creamy and hydrating. Now, I’m normally a bit funny with creamy formulas especially in bright colours but I actually like this one. It glides on the lips effortlessy and has a real nice sheen to it, isn’t the most long-lasting but then again you wouldn’t expect it to be. Melanie itself is a bright plum shade and reminds me of a shade I used to be obsessed with at university from Maybelline, I get a funny feeling this might respark my love for that colour way.

I Am Woman Eau de Parfum
When I think of Joan Collins I think of glamour, and everything from the packaging to the scent of this perfume reflects just that. I Am Woman is definitely a bold scent and it isn’t going to be for everyone as there’s so much musk going on, but I like it for eveningwear. I don’t think I’m glam enough to get away with it in the day but the travel-sized packaging makes this perfect for an evening out and the strong scent suits that vibe anyway.

Eyeshadow Quad in Moody Browns & Gold
I was so excited to come away with this one as you guys know I love a quad, and you can’t go too far wrong when you have one with matte and neutral tones. The three matte shades, a dark brown, a medium brown and a cream are all so pigmented and buttery soft which is exactly the kind of formula I love. They’re definitely on the cool side so make a change from all the warm tones I’ve been loving but they’re perfect for everyday use. The gold shade takes it up a notch and can transform a fairly average everyday look into a night-time one. The formula isn’t quite as nice in the shimmer shade as it has a fair amount of chunky glitter, but considering it’s a “going out” shade anyway I don’t mind too much.

Paparazzi Ready Compact
This is such a clever idea as the two products I always carry around are my lipstick and a powder, so to have them in one compact where you can change up the lipstick is genius. When I wear my Melanie lipstick this powder will definitely be coming with me! The powder itself doesn’t provide much coverage but does a pretty good job at keeping any shine at bay. It’s also enriched with Hyaluronic Acid as like a lot of products in this range they’re a blend of makeup and skincare, which again, is something I love in a makeup range!

Classic Act Mascara
Now this is possibly my favourite product of the whole collection as I’m so impressed by the results that this mascara delivers. It’s all about the volume and whilst I obviously find it good for volume, the thing that I love is that it still manages definition and length, so I don’t just end up with really stubby thick lashes which happens with a lot of volumising mascaras. With this mascara I can almost manage that false-lash effect and I love how it looks on my lower lashes. My only gripe is that the formula is a bit wet and takes a while to dry down but I’m sure that’ll change after a few uses as it so often does.

Frame Line Liquid Eye Liner
I must say, however pretty this looks in my makeup collection, I’ll probably be giving it to a friend as I just don’t use liquid liner anymore. I’m all about the easy-to-use long-lasting liner pens and I can’t imagine a scenario where I’d choose to use a liquid liner over them. However, I did test out the formula briefly and it was pretty good, a nice jet black shade and it dried down quickly. But yeah I would never choose this over my beloved liner pens, sorry Joan!