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I’ve been to a fair few blogging events in my time and my favourites are often the Christmas ones, and last week I went to one of the most festive ones yet! To celebrate the launch of the M&S Beauty Advent Calendars, M&S teamed up with Biscuiteers to bring us a gingerbread house making workshop. Yes, that is as great as it sounds. The calendar this year has been inspired by a gingerbread house, so not only did we get a house to decorate and eat but one full of beauty goodies too. Now I vlogged the event amongst other things that day so head below to see my vlog and photos of the event and calendar!

Biscuiteers is a brand that I’ve loved for a long time, I think I first discovered them when I was at Bloom & Wild and we sold their biscuits as add-ons and I fell in love. There were also quite a few samples in the office that I demolished over time. Their shop is an absolute dream, pretty much everything is made out of biscuits and everywhere you look there is a design that is cuter than the last. They have so many gift sets this year and I’m definitely going to head back and pick up something as they’re the kind of gift that everyone would like.

When it came to gingerbread house decorating, let me just say that it is a lot harder than it looks. I would love to say that the house above was my design but sadly, I cannot claim that beaut. That was carefully crafted by the Biscuiteers team who just make all those straight, fine lines and details look easy – trust me, it’s not easy.

I definitely got better as I went along but towards the end, my wrist and hand started to really ache – I genuinely don’t know how their icers work all day icing, I think my hand would fall off. Anyway, my gingerbread house didn’t turn out too bad design wise but this photo was definitely inaccurate to how badly it fell down five minutes later. Everyone managed to get their house to stand and somehow I just couldn’t quite manage it! By the time I had got home it was definitely walls and roofs everywhere. I had such a fun time though and I’d definitely recommend heading over to the Biscuiteers shop when you have a chance!

As for the advent calendar itself, I mentioned in my vlog that I have decided not to open it. I’m sorry if that’s incredibly frustrating for you as I know that as a beauty blogger I really should open it all up for a detailed review. But yano what? I work hard on my blog and sometimes I should get to enjoy some treats from it, and my treat at the moment will be opening it as a proper advent calendar! Is that too much to ask?!

The design of the calendar itself is beautiful and it looks absolutely eye-catching on my dresser downstairs. My brother actually suggested that I keep all the boxes, hole punch holes in the top and then string them together (possibly with fairylights?!) for a decoration next year. I love this idea and I think I’ll do it! Watch this space.

As I said, the contents inside are a mystery but if you do want to have a look you can take a peak on the M&S website at the Beauty & Makeup Advent Calendar where they have some previews. M&S stock so many of my favourite beauty brands – Nuxe, REN and Stila – so I’m expecting good things! They are out of stock online but apparently, they still have them instore so if you want to get your hands on one of these calendars don’t hesitate to rush on down!

I had such a fun evening at Biscuiteers with M&S and I really hope you enjoyed watching my vlog of the day and taking a look at my photos. If I wasn’t feeling festive already – I definitely am now!

Have you picked up a beauty advent calendar this year?