It has been so damn long since I’ve talked about my lifestyle favourites. I made a conscious effort to streamline my blog to all beauty a while back and whilst I’m absolutely loving that direction, I feel like there’s a little person inside of me desperate to share some things which aren’t beauty related that I’ve been loving. Sure, I do this on Twitter on a daily basis but I think it’s time for a quick summary so you can see the best of the best rather than today’s daily obsession. So without further ado, let’s see what I’ve been loving.

Favourite TV Shows
It has definitely become a lot more socially acceptable to binge watch TV over the last few years, although, I was fully into that back when Living TV’s Charmed Weekends was a thing. The most binge-worthy show recently has, of course, been Stranger Things 2 and if you haven’t watched it yet, you just need to. I’ve also been loving The Apprentice which obviously can’t be binged but keeps me hooked every week – it will always be one of my favourite reality shows. We’ve also been watching a lot of Louis Theroux recently, who I’ve always loved watching. Particularly enjoyed an old Las Vegas one and although it was a struggle to watch, the anorexia one was fascinating and eye-opening.

Favourite Tech
I didn’t really know what to call this category but basically, I just want to shout about how much I’m loving podcasts and Sims at the moment. People have been telling me to listen to podcasts for years and finally, I totally get it. I absolute hate sleeping in silence so I put one on when I’m drifting off and it really helps me sleep. My favourites have been How I Built It and the James O’Brien podcast. Also loved Serial but that was a more day-time thing rather than “just drifting off”. Also been loving Sims again because Pets were released and they’re so frickin’ cute. I made a goldendoodle, of course, and basically, I’m just hooked again.


Favourite Fashion
Recently, I’ve definitely been spending any money I have on clothes and fashion rather than on makeup and I’ve picked up some amazing things which will hopefully feature in a lookbook soon! I’ve also been loving my Daniel Wellington watch which I was very kindly gifted. I’ve been eyeing up their black designs recently and I just love how slick this one (the Classic Petite Ashfield) is especially with the chrome finish. It’s quite nice to having something chrome rather than rose gold/gold too. Daniel Wellington have some amazing Black Friday Deals on at the moment until the 27th and you can also use my 15% discount code MAKEUPDIRECTORY15 if you want some more money off! My other fashion favourite that needed a mention is the classic bobble hat. I have about five in my collection and it’s finally cold enough to start wearing them, and I just love that.

Everything Festive
Last but not least, is just everything festive! I’ve been to a fair few Christmas-themed blogging events recently, including a very exciting gingerbread house making one (coming soon on here!) and they’ve really put me in the Christmas mood. I think we’re going to get our tree soon and once that’s up, I’m just going to listen to Christmas music and watch Christmas films all the time and I’m completely ok with that. I’m sure we will visit Winter Wonderland soon and I’ve got a few festive plans with friends to look forward to. I just love this time of year.

What have been your favourite things to watch, buy, and do recently?