We are now mid-November and Christmas is 100% at the forefront of my mind and a big part of that is Christmas shopping. I absolutely love Christmas shopping and I’ve always been one of those people that really enjoys buying gifts for other people and puts a lot of thought into their presents. I just love that feeling when you know you’ve got something great and they’re just going to love it. I also admit that I have a pretty expensive taste for buying presents and every year I seem to spend more and more, but I can’t help myself… Today, I thought I’d do something a bit different and share some of my go-to brands and shops for Christmas shopping. Obviously, I do a lot of high street shopping too, but if you want something special then definitely check out these!

My family and I have a bit of a running joke that all our presents are from Anthropologie because basically, we’re all obsessed. Whenever I am looking for a present, whether it be Christmas or birthday, I’ll nearly always pop into Anthropologie as I’m bound to find something. I love their whole aesthetic and I particularly love their monogrammed products such as the mugs and notebooks as I think they’re so special for a present!

Daniel Wellington
I’ve always been obsessed with buying watches and clocks for people, I just think they’re such a classic and timeless (ha!) gift. My ultimate favourite watch brand has to be Daniel Wellington and whenever I wear one I get so many compliments as everyone just loves their seamless style. They’ve expanded their collection quite significantly in the last few years and when I’m scrolling through them I just basically associate a person with each watch as to who they’d suit so I think they’d make a great gift. This year they have the most gorgeous gift sets available where you choose a watch and an add-on and it’s housed in this stunning gift packaging. I went for the silver cuff which I think is such a nice addition and compliments the watch beautifully! If you want 15% off you can use my code MAKEUPDIRECTORY15 enjoy!

Kate Spade
Whilst I’d love to have the budget to gift people Kate Spade handbags and shoes, they do actually have lots of homeware bits that are more affordable and equally as gorgeous. My brother got me my little pink jewellery box last Christmas and I’ve always loved it. I just love the whole Kate Spade branding and think their bold colours are so iconic. I actually listened to a podcast How I Built This interviewing Kate herself and it made me love her brand even more, so if you’re into Kate Spade definitely give that one a listen.

Jo Malone
There’s something about fragrances that are so personal that I would never have dreamt of buying someone a perfume or cologne before I discovered Jo Malone. But with JM it just feels different. The fragrances are so neatly organised that I know what scent would suit who and who would like what, and to be honest you just can’t go too wrong with her fragrances as they all smell nice. They also have absolutely gorgeous gift sets but to be honest the packaging even on the normal products is nice enough to be gift-worthy!

Oliver Bonas
Oliver Bonas has grown so much in popularity in the last few years but luckily, that hasn’t taken away from its charm at all. I will still always go into Oliver Bonas and find plenty of things I love for myself and love for others. Similar to Anthropologie, a lot of our presents end up coming from Oliver Bonas and you are always guaranteed good quality with them too. I steer slightly away from some of their main collections now as you seem them everywhere, but they still have plenty of gorgeous gifts.

Where are your favourite places to shop for Christmas?