I normally do these little life updates every other month but I just had so much to say in October that I couldn’t resist. I think for the first time ever I’ve actually hit all of my monthly goals for October so let’s just say I’ve had a good month. I honestly think I’m a happier and more motivated person in autumn and winter, I know most people have it the other way round but I’ve always loved this time of year and struggle a little in summer. So here’s to an even more productive November!

Exercise classes
I’ve tried so many different forms of exercise over the years and none of them have been for me, but I think I may have finally found something that I somewhat enjoy. I mentioned briefly in my September update that I had started Strong by Zumba classes towards the end of the month, an hour-long HIIT workout. I had just been to one at that point but since then I’ve been going weekly and I actually feel so much better for it. I’ve even just upped it to two a week too! Every week I can see myself getting better and better and I’m actually finding it somewhat addictive. Who would have thought it?!

My first lookbook
When I decided to finally take the plunge and start my YouTube channel I had a fair few ideas in my head already and one of them was, of course, a lookbook. I’ve always loved watching them but they seem to be hard to come by nowadays, I guess because they are so much effort. I thought it would be worth the extra effort though and I was right because I loved making it, loved the results and you guys seemed to love it too! If you haven’t already, I’d love for you to have a watch of my autumnal lookbook.

New job
I mentioned on Twitter this month that I got a new job but didn’t actually say much about it. I’m still self-employed, I’m still freelance writing but now I’ve got a part-time job with Birchbox, a company who I love, and I couldn’t be happier! It fits into my lifestyle so perfectly and actually after a year of fending completely for myself, it’s quite nice to have some stability back into my life. I had training last week in the office and I’ve started this week and I’m already loving a little more structure and routine to my life.

Blogging events
So just to tick off all of my October Goals I did stick to my word and I’ve been going to lots of blogging events again. After a year of declining everything, it’s been so good to get back into the swing of things plus they’ve given me the chance to meet and catch up with some of my favourite bloggers at them. I plan on going to London more with my new job so I’m sure I’ll be attending a lot more blogging events in November too!

November Goals
Last month I did so well with my goals, so it’s time to set some more!

  • Work out a consistent YouTube schedule
    At the moment with my YouTube channel I’m kind of winging it, I’m posting pretty much every 10 days give or take. This month I’d like to work out more of a routine, especially as I’ve started a new job, and maybe try post once a week.
  • Strong by Zumba x2 a week
    I succeeded with once a week and now I feel ready for twice a week!
  • Christmas shopping
    I was really determined to get my Christmas shopping in check early this year and I haven’t started as early as I planned due to serious lack of funds. But I have been making lists and subtle notes of what people mention so I’m determined to make a start in November as I should be slightly less poor for once!
    This is so not a goal, but I wanted to let you know I’m away at the end of the month for a long weekend with a couple friends to Tenerife. I couldn’t be more excited to have a mini-break as I haven’t been abroad since this time last year. Expect some travel content and planning soon!

How was your October and what are your goals for November?