For some reason in the last month my skincare routine has gone totally wrong. It’s not that I’ve been having bad reactions or anything, I’ve just become really lazy and have basically only been taking off my makeup and moisturising. I ran out of loads of things (mainly from The Ordinary) and I just stopped using them rather than replacing them. I’m annoyed with myself as for a good year I was really enjoying skincare and was noticing the differences in having a good routine so I’m DETERMINED to get myself back on it and enjoy skincare once again. I’ve got a fair few new products to try so I’m hoping these will spark back my love for skincare!

Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Ageing Moisturiser
I went to an Olay event fairly recently and I must say that gave me the kick up the bum I needed as it was so educational was and all about how your lifestyle and skincare routine is much more important to anti-ageing than your genes, which sucks as I think I have fairly good genes! Since the event I’ve been using this moisturiser which is full of vitamins to help smooth and brighten skin. It’s slightly heavier than I’d normally go for and it takes an age to sink in, but my skin is feeling much better for using it and I’m sure the additional SPF is doing me wonders!

Bio-Essence 24k Bio-Gold Night Cleanser
Cleansing oils are my absolute jam when it comes to removing my makeup, but I want to start double cleansing again because I find an oil on its own maybe isn’t cleansing my skin as much as I’d like. This Bio-Essence 24K Night Cleanser is so luxurious and is exactly the pampering step I’ve been after in my life. I really want to make my night time routine enjoyable to encourage me to build it up again and this looks like it’ll do the job. I’ve just started using this and it honestly is like liquid gold and feels ultra nourishing on my skin which is perfect for winter. Instant love!

Indeed Laboratories Hydration Booster
I’ve learned over the years that hyaluronic acid is probably the best ingredient for my combination skin. When I use it I notice a huge difference in my skin texture and since I’ve stopped using it, it feels really dehydrated again. This booster isn’t just hyaluronic acid but it’s niacinamide as well which is another ingredient I love for preventing spots so I think this is going to be perfect for my skincare routine. I’ve only used it a couple times but I’ll report back next month with how I get on.

Indeed Laboratories Hydraluron Sheet Masks
I really want to start using more face masks in November, especially ones for hydration as it gets colder. These hydraluron sheet masks come in a pack of four and after using one I’m so, so impressed. My skin instantly felt smoother and more hydrated and it was exactly the boost I needed. I find with sheet masks you expect instant results because the cost per use works out quite expensive, and this mask definitely ticked that instant gratification box. I’m going to try use one once a week so again, I’ll report back in November with more long-term results.

DHC Lip Cream
DHC is a brand I really trust as their products never have any ‘filler’ ingredients in them, it’s all stuff that’s completely good for your skin. I haven’t yet noticed my lips getting drier but with this sudden temperature drop, I’m pretty sure I’ll feel it soon so I’m determined to get ahead of the game and keep on top of my lip balm. My lip balm is definitely going to be this one this year as it’s packed full of nourishing ingredients. I’ve also been really into liquid lipsticks recently so I’ll be using this as a pre-lipstick primer.

DHC Beauty Lift Eye Roll-On
Last but not least is another DHC goodie. I actually went to a DHC event last month and this was one of their new launches they were promoting and it’s basically a roll-on eye serum to hydrate and firm the eye area. Now, it’s going to take a lot to beat my beloved caffeine solution from The Ordinary but again I’ll report back in November with how I got on!

What have been your skincare favourites this month and what will you be using throughout November?