I know, I know, we are already halfway through January and 2017 is very much a thing of the past – but my blogging hiatus almost led me to missing out on sharing my top picks for 2017. Well, I just couldn’t miss out on that! Since I’ve been back I’ve read so many best in beauty 2017 posts (holla at me if I missed yours) as I just find them the best place to get recommendations so I hope you can still enjoy mine as these really are my *ultimate picks*. To collate this list, I sifted through all my blog posts going back to last January so I could do this fairly rather than just judging on the last few months alone and these are all products I personally discovered and loved in 2017 so not necessarily released in 2017. It wasn’t an easy choice and I had about 20 in my final list but these have got to be my top ten. In no particular order…

YSL Brow Palette

I had a seriously weak start in life with my brows as I’ve always had a naturally tamed pair so didn’t have to learn how to do them, plus they were pretty much always covered up with a fringe. I’ve tried so many brow products in recent years but it wasn’t until this palette that I felt like I had found my holy grail. It’s a pricey one, oh it is a pricey one, but that shade in the middle just makes it so worth it. It’s perfectly ashy for my cool-toned brows and is pigmented without being too dramatic and blendible whilst still having that hair-like definition. I can’t beat it. Review

Rimmel Radiance Brick Bronzer

Since contouring has been a thing, matte bronzers (or ones with only a touch of shimmer) have been all the rage and this year I realised that, despite the trends, a shimmery bronzer just suits me better. On my pale skin warm-toned skin, matte bronzers either look muddy and too drama c, or have no impact whatsoever. However, this shimmer bronzer from Rimmel gives me that sun-kissed glow that everyone seems to love bronzer for – I finally understand it. It blends beautifully, warms up my skin nicely and stays put for ages. Another holy grail find.

MAC Velvet Teddy

I would never have thought to put Velvet Teddy in my 2017 favourites until I looked back at previous posts. That’s not because I don’t love it. That’s because I thought I’d had this for way longer than a year as it has become such an everyday staple – how did I cope without it? I totally bought into the hype with this one and the hype well and truly delivered. Review

Milani Eyeshadow Primer

I’ve mentioned this one a few times on my blog but I feel like it has been overshadowed by pretty eyeshadow palettes and long-lasting lipsticks. Well, actually, this one has probably made more of a difference than anything. I used to regularly fork out on the rather pricey NARS Smudge Proof Primer, and I still love that eyeshadow primer, but this year I found a great everyday alternative. The Milani Eyeshadow Primer is the only ever eye primer that I’ve found has kept my eyeshadow in place all day on my very oily lids as well as the NARS one does. If you have oily lids and find eyeshadow constantly creasing, pick this up.

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone

Oh BECCA, one of the most luxurious brands out there! Not only do their products ooze luxury but they really are good and I don’t think I’ve ever loved a highlighter quite as much as Moonstone. These are hyped up a lot but they’re so worth it. They pack a serious highlighting punch but have a really buttery and blendable formula which you just can’t beat. Moonstone is perfect for pale warm-toned complexions, love, love, love it.

Rimmel Extra 3D Lash Mascara 

This one was a total shocker. I’ve always thought Rimmel mascaras were fairly weak compared to their other products (Rimmel lipsticks are where it’s at) but this has just been my favourite for ages now and I’ve just repurchased a new one! It’s my perfect everyday mascara as it lengthens, volumises, and defines nicely whilst staying long-lasting yet easily to remove. It ticks all my mascara boxes. Close second was the Clarins Supra Volume Mascara which deserves a shout-out.

NARS Lipgloss in Chihuahua

I rave about the NARS lipgloss formula a lot and I’m convinced that so many people who categorically hate lipgloss would like the ones from NARS. They’re really pigmented for gloss, don’t feel really sticky, and have decent longevity. Chihuahua is definitely my most worn lip product this year, I grab it when I just want something on my lips but don’t know what to wear as it isn’t too dissimilar from my lip colour and makes them look so plump and healthy. It reminds me of something Cher from Clueless would wear which I am all for.

Colourpop Satin Lips in Echo Park

In the second half of this year, I’ve finally begun to understand the hype with liquid lipsticks. I still wouldn’t say I reach for them as much as other formulations but for still, some love is there. Echo Park from Colourpop definitely started my love for them as it became my first liquid lipstick that didn’t actually feel like more hassle than a lipstick. It isn’t drying on the lips, it’s a gorgeous colour (one of my favourite lip shades ever) and you get those long-lasting benefits.

NARS Kalahari Eyeshadow Duo

Similar to Velvet Teddy, I forgot that Kalahari had only entered my life this year as it has become such a staple in my routine. I have had so many favourite palettes this year Zoeva Cocoa Blend, Blank Cosmetics Master Palette, Tartelette in Boom etc but this has got to be a standout as I’ve reached for it so much. It’s my ultimate day to day duo as I just know I can’t mess it up! It really contrasts my general trend of loving warm toned shadows this year, but I’d be lost without it.

DHC Liquid Liner

Once upon a time, I thought I’d found my holy grail liner when I started using the Stila one. Then that changed to the Kat Von D one. Well, this year it has been all about my DHC Liquid Liner. It has a slightly smaller nib than both the others, it doesn’t dry out as quickly and it just seems to glide on so much easier. I can’t imagine using a different liner to this one, I barely bother trying anything else to be honest. Such a gem.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my ultimate favourites from 2017! Do let me know yours!