Oh hey there! It has been a little while since I last blogged as I pretty much decided to take December off blogging (bar some pre-scheduled posts) and my time away ran a little into January too. I’ve been blogging consistently for many a year now, so I felt that a break was well overdue, and now I’ve come back with a new layout, new photography equipment, and a whole bunch of new ideas so I feel completely and utterly refreshed. I thought today I’d come on quickly to launch my new blog layout and also share with you some blogging/life goals for 2018.

Experiment with my photography style

People always tell me that my blog photography is “instantly recognisable” and of course, I take that as a massive compliment. Creating a unique photography style is always something that I’ve aimed for. However, I felt in the last 6 months or so that I was slightly bored and slightly restricted by my style. I’ve been browsing a lot of beauty magazines and generally looking for some new inspiration and I feel really inspired at the moment to experiment more. I’ve put a few test shots on Twitter that have gone down well and I can’t wait to share with you the more experimental blog photography in action. I’ve always been very anti-artificial lighting but since buying a ring light recently I’ve really appreciated the versatility of lighting and I can’t wait to play around with it more over the next year.

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Continue with my more “spontaneous” approach to blogging

Half way through 2017, I had a sudden urge to go a bit more “old school” with my blogging and stop forcing blog posts out of nothing (read the blog post here) and go back to unconnected and one-off reviews. I definitely feel like I made that happen and I want to make things even more spontaneous in 2018. I’m going to stop forcing lifestyle posts onto my blog and go back to my good old Makeup Directory styled product reviews. Having a ring light definitely helps with that as I no longer have to restrict myself to doing photography on good light days in the mornings only. If I fancy photographing and writing a post all in one evening, I now can.

Balance blogging and YouTube

Part of the reason why I fell out of love with blogging in the last few months was definitely because of YouTube. It was always going to happen. I’ve always loved filmmaking and honestly, I felt more inspired by vlogging than I had by my blog in a long while. But actually, in this last month I’ve felt a real void when I haven’t been blogging and having a break has made me realise I really do love it and I can do both blogging and YouTube. There is room for both! I don’t want my YouTube channel to be a beauty channel though and my plan at the moment is to upload a monthly vlog, but more on that in February.

Engage with the community again

The more I put into blogging the more I enjoy it and for me, a big part of that is reading other blogs. I’ve always been very good at keeping up to date with my favourite bloggers and finding new favourites, but in November and December I was terrible. I convinced myself I was too busy to read blogs yet expected people to still read mine. The other day I sat down for the first time in ages and did some serious catching up on blogs and I LOVED it. Definitely going to find time everyday to read blogs again.

Link me to all your new blog posts as I’d love to have a read!