The last time I did a bullet journal update was all the way back in May so I wouldn’t be surprised if you assumed it had been a fad and I’d gone back to my usual disorganisation. Well turns out, this millennial system has actually worked wonders for me and almost a year later and I’m still hooked. When I initially set it up, I did quite a lot of research and actually, whilst I know a lot of people change up their bullet journals a lot, I found most of my original spreads worked nicely for my life. However, come the end of December I was ridiculously excited to get a new one and start afresh. So today I thought I’d share some updates I’ve made to my setup for 2018.

Changing up my spreads

When I started I was less focused on all the daily, monthly, yearly calendars and more interested in all the spreads I could do. I had a habits tracker which I loved but after about 5 months it became repetitive and redundant. I tracked work payments but eventually found that worked better online. My films and tv to watch spreads were never really updated. So this year, I got rid of basically all those generic spreads and have focused my bullet journal more on being a flexible calendar. One of the only spreads I have introduced is a monthly work plan which I found myself doing as weekly lists in my bullet journal last year anyway. Balancing work, freelancing, blogging, and days off is very tricky, so this is an easy way I can plan out my month and make sure I actually get some days off!

Making it even easier to fill in

When I started my bullet journal, I didn’t have grand delusions of making it pretty and that ‘scrapbook’ style you see on Pinterest – I just knew that if I tried to make it like that, I would fail. I always wanted to make my bullet journal as quick and easy to fill in and navigate as possible. I have a pack of coloured fine-liners and a ruler and that’s it. Well, this year I’ve taken that to another level with my bullet journal. The main change I’ve made is on my weekly spreads where instead of having to rule off every day and do some decorative type date introduction (not shown on photo) I’ve literally just gone to writing the day and date. I have continued to do my daily spreads as the day goes by rather than blocking it out beforehand as that seems like a massive chore.

And some things have stayed the same

Other than some aesthetic changes, fewer lines and switching up some spreads, everything else has pretty much stayed the same. I still love the layouts of my daily, monthly, and annual spreads as they take minimal time to draw up, can be changed and amended easily, and they quickly display all I need to know from my bullet journal. I’ve kept the same pens as last year, still love my fine-liners and I’ve gone for the classic Leuchtturm1917 bullet journal, so really it’s a much of a muchness.

Overall, I’m just as into my bullet journal as ever before. Of course, I had weeks last year where I wasn’t that into it but I always found myself coming back as it’s just the best way for me to stay organised. Honestly, I’m hopeless without this little book. I could talk about mine for hours so please let me know if you have any bullet journal-specific blog post requests as I’d be more than happy to natter about it for longer!

Have you got a bullet journal and if so, how have you switched it up for 2018?