I am very loyal to my makeup brushes, I do test new ones but I have a specific set which I always go for, mainly a mix of Real Techniques, Zoeva, and MAC. I wouldn’t say I extensively use brushes or use loads of them, but the ones I do reach for always come with me. Recently, I thought I’d test myself and create a brush-less makeup routine, kind of joint with a travel not-much-space-in-my-bag routine, so let’s take a look at the products I picked out.

In this whole routine, I’ve tried to pick products which lend themselves well to not using brushes, so not just using the same old products and trying to badly apply them without brushes. For my base, this was an easy pick as I actually prefer applying the IT Cosmetics CC Cream with my fingers as opposed to a brush, which is incredibly rare for me. I normally absolutely hate applying foundations without a brush but for some reason, this just looks nicer and builds up more coverage. For concealer, I tend not to use a brush to apply it anyway but the NARS Soft Matte Concealer is particularly good for a brush-less routine as it’s perfect for out and about touchups both under the eyes and on blemishes.

I definitely created a dewy look as all the products I use are pretty much cream formulations. Creams just apply so nicely with fingers only, again I don’t really like applying them with brushes. For bronzer, I’ve gone for my little travel-sized Benefit Dew The Hoola which I really need to purchase in full-sized soon as I really like this stuff. I’m a big fan of cream and liquid bronzers anyway and this is perfect for an everyday look as it isn’t too pigmented. I’ve also looked to Benefit for my blush pick and that’s Dandelion Dew which I’ve really been loving recently.  This is actually the opposite to Dew The Hoola as it’s a lot more pigmented than most cream blushers. I finished off with an old favourite, the Topshop Glow Pot which is one of my most-loved cream highlighters.

I knew I’d struggle with eyeshadow as I don’t really like cream eyeshadows, they just don’t agree with my oily lids. Instead, I opted for the Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadows which is another product that I find is applied best without a brush. Brushes, especially natural hair, tend to just absorb the product, whereas I love these patted into eyelid for maximum pigmentation. To finish my subtle eye makeup, I wanted a mascara which was going to give a lot of volume and definition and that had to be Benefit They’re Real Mascara which is an all-time favourite of mine.

On my brows I’ve also gone Benefit, so much Benefit in this post, with the simple Benefit Gimme Brow. I always use a brush when applying brow products but sometimes I do just use Gimme Brow on its own when I’m in a rush or want minimal makeup, so it was my only real choice! To finish off the look, I’ve chosen my trusty NARS Lip Gloss in Chihuahua. Really I could go for anything on my lips as I don’t tend to use a lip brush unless it’s a really dark or bold shade, but you know me, had to go for Chihuahua as always!

What are your top products for creating a brushless makeup look?