This post ISN’T sponsored, I just really love the brand and concept so wanted to share!

I’ve always thought that haircare was overcomplicated. With skincare you have the traditional ‘three-step’ routine and tons of products clearly labelled for different skin types – the haircare industry just isn’t the same. It’s also hard to find an affordable haircare brand which actually works. So when Style Freedom got in touch about their affordable haircare brand which has a very simple to follow ‘four-step’ system, I was all over that and instantly began building a routine for my fine but lots of it hair type. I found it really easy to pick products as the range is colour-coded with ‘foundation’, ‘creation’, ‘finish’ and ‘revival’ steps, so I picked a couple from each.

Style Freedom Detangler

I’ve been after a detangler for ages as my long, fine hair gets knotted so damn easily. I used to have a kid’s spray when I was younger which worked a dream but sadly that was discontinued a long time ago and I’ve never been able to replace it. Well, I think I finally have. A detangler is something that I wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on and like the whole range, this is so affordable, but so effective too. My ideal detangler simply makes my wet hair easier to brush through but then doesn’t do anything else and leaves my hair with a ‘no product feel’. This is just that, it has made combing wet hair easy and doesn’t feel heavy or even noticeable on my hair. I love it.

Style Freedom Heat Shield 

I’m so bad at remembering to use heat protectant so I picked out the Heat Shield to give me the extra kick I need. It isn’t just a heat protectant though as it’s enriched with vitamins A, E, and bamboo extract for extra hydration and stronger hair. I never find that I have much to say about heat protectants as they’re all much of a muchness but I guess it just feels weightless on my hair and I cannot feel product when I’ve used it – which is a good thing.

Style Freedom Super Root Volumiser

The more I used this brand, the more I realised that they have seriously aced that ‘no product feel’. I didn’t know this was a mousse when I ordered it and normally I wouldn’t pick mousses as even ones designed for fine hair seem to leave a horrible sticky residue but honestly, I can’t feel any product when I use this but I’ve definitely noticed a big hair lift at the same time. I’ve really enjoyed using this one and it’s definitely a highlight from the products I’ve tried.

Style Freedom Pure Shine

I’m a total sucker for shine sprays which is stupid really as I’m still yet to find one that doesn’t just make my oil-prone hair look worse, but I can’t help but covet that Cher-esque Clueless shiny hair. Well, it turns out that I probably should have given this one a miss too as sadly it’s just too heavy for my hair and makes it look greasy. It’s the only product in this whole range that I didn’t get on with and I have no doubt it’d work well for other hair types. Just not mine.

Style Freedom Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is by far my most used hair product (obviously bar real shampoo) and I’m incredibly loyal to Batiste. I’ve tried Klorane, Co-Lab and a few others but none have beat Batiste for me. But actually, I really, really like this one. I often use dry shampoo to give my hair a bit of texture and volume and I wouldn’t say this one is great for that, but it’s perfect for making my hair feel clean without a heavy product feel. So if you actually don’t like that heavily textured Batiste feel, I think you’d really like this.

Style Freedom Style Capture

Similar to heat protectants, I never have too much to say about hairsprays. My hair is pretty good at holding a style so I wouldn’t say I rely on hairspray at all, but they’re always nice to have. This one definitely has some weight to it, although ‘extreme’ is a bit generous compared to other really heavy duty hairsprays I’ve tried. It’s a great everyday spray though.

Overall, I’m so impressed with the range. Nearly all of the products I have tried give that ‘lightweight no-product’ feel so are perfect for fine hair, although, that’s probably influenced by the products I chose too. My highlights are definitely the detangler and root volumiser, with the dry shampoo coming in close.

Have you tried any haircare products from Style Freedom?