The POREfessional was one of the first primers I tried, in fact, you can read about it in my first ever birthday haul in 2013 (prepare to laugh/cringe at my blog) and I’ve always loved it. It has definitely become a marmite product, with loads of people swearing by it and others hating it. I find it’s loved by people who aren’t into blogging or reading recommendations whereas bloggers tend to dislike it. For me, I’ve always found that it works an absolute treat. If I want to create a smooth canvas for my skin and fill in my pores I will always reach for silicones and tend to go for The POREfessional – I just make sure I thoroughly cleanse when I take it off.

Benefit have spent years expanding their POREfessional range and now there are heaps of products under the umbrella term. The newest is actually a take on the original POREfessional and Pearl Primer is designed to brighten skin whilst filling in pores. I’d describe my skin as being oily/combination but during the cold, winter months, it is definitely prone to dryness and dullness so whilst normally, I wouldn’t really reach for the POREfessional in winter, Pearl Primer is a great way to combat pores whilst brightening skin in the winter months.

The original POREfessional is a nude shade and definitely mattifies my skin to create a blank canvas. Pearl Primer is a light pink shade which instead of mattifying my skin, adds radiance, so there really is quite a big difference between these two products. However, they’re the same texture and formulation so you can still enjoy the blurring and smoothing effect of the original with Pearl Primer.

Overall, I’ve been reaching for Pearl Primer way more than the original and that’s all thanks to my winter skin. This is the first product I’ve found that is great for pores and smoothing skin, that doesn’t mattify and slightly dull skin at the same time. I’ve always linked pore primers with mattifying, so it’s so nice to have something that still gives my skin radiance and glow whilst creating a smooth base.

I still really like both but if I had to repurchase one I’d go for Pearl Primer now and actually I’ve really enjoyed wearing it on its own too when I’m not wearing foundation as the difference is noticeable. I’d say that Pearl Primer is better for dryer and dull complexions, so for me my winter skin, whereas the original is best for oily complexions and summer skin. Whichever you choose, I’m sure you will love it!

Have you tried the new Pearl Primer from Benefit?