For the last few years, every month I’ve shared what’s in my makeup bag for the month ahead and yano what I feel like that’s a bit excessive. Instead of going through my whole new beauty routine I’ve just decided to pick out a few key products that I’ll be trialling in the month whether that’s new in my collection or an old returner. Then in a few weeks time, I’ll come back to this and let you know how I’ve been getting on with it all. Sound good? Let’s get going.

GOSH Mix & Fix Colour Drops in Light*

I have so many foundations in my collection which are slightly too dark for my skin as the palest foundations always end up too pink-toned for me so I tend to go a shade darker. I can get away with most of them but having these colour drops in my life is much welcomed so I can finally get the perfect colour match in all my products, not just a special few.  I also have these drops in the darker, green, and purple shades for ultimate colour correction but the light ones are definitely the most useful for me. I’ve tried them with a few bases so far and they really work magic as they lighten the foundation without disturbing the formula. I’m going to keep testing across lots of different foundations but so far so good.

Benefit Big Easy Foundation

One of the bases that I’ve used the GOSH Colour Drops in is this Big Easy BB Cream from Benefit. I have this in the shade 03 light/medium which is definitely too dark for me so I haven’t been able to use it – but now with my drops I can! And actually, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I know Benefit don’t have the best reputation for base products but I’ve always really liked them and this is no exception. It provides decent coverage, has a nice satin finish, and lasts a decent amount of time. I can see this getting a lot of love in Summer!

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Verbena

Last year Harry went to America and picked this lipstick up for me and I was over the moon – I fell in love with it straight away. I sadly only had it for a few weeks when my bag was essentially stolen and my beloved Bite Beauty lipstick was in it. I was more upset about losing this lipstick than all my important possessions to be honest. Well, in January he went back to America and kindly bought me a replacement and I have promised to cherish this one with all my heart! It’s another of my favourite ‘sheer red’ types and is just as perfect as I remembered.

NARS Illuminator in Copacabana

It was probably about this time last year that this became a favourite of mine and I used half the tube in a very short space of time. Well, for some reason I switched it out of my daily makeup routine and I kind of forgot about it. The other day I decided to reach for it again and I remembered instantly why I loved it so much. My skin is looking pretty dull and winter-like at the moment so this burst of illumination is exactly what my makeup routine needs.

Benefit Dandelion Dew*

I was kindly sent some Benefit products (not the BB cream) before Christmas and I didn’t get a chance to mention them before my hiatus, and there’s still a few that I’ve barely tried. Dandelion Dew is one of them. I did give this a go once but expected it to be really sheer like the Dandelion powder and went way overboard and ended up looking like a clown and shoved it in a drawer. Well that was silly as I’ve been wanting a liquid blush which actually has good pigmentation for ages so this may just be the one. I’ll report back.

Which products will you be trialling throughout February?