I swear that the gap between Christmas and my birthday gets shorter and shorter every year, it used to feel like a lifetime when I was a little kid waiting for my birthday but now it feels like all of 5 minutes. One of my highlights is always going makeup shopping with my dad which we do for my present every birthday and every Christmas, we always have a lovely day out and get lots of beautiful makeup, obviously. I always go equipped with a wish list and I always deviate massively from my wish list, but I thought I’d share it anyway.

NARS Wanted Blush Palette

Now I’m pretty sure the release date for this is the 18th March so we are cutting it fine but I’m begging it will be in stock. I’ve wanted a blush palette for ages as whenever I go away I always end up taking a ton of blushers but I want something which gives me options for travel. I love the NARS blushers and this palette is full of gorgeous shades. It’s exactly what I’m after.

NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Cordura

I was so close to putting a Too Faced palette on this wish list, but actually, I’ve realised I really want some more easy duos/trios/singles as I find myself reaching for them a lot. I have two eyeshadow duos from NARS already, Isolde and Kalahari and I love them both so much that I want to explore more of the range. I’m so far eyeing up the duo Cordura although this may be a little too dark for me, going to swatch in person.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Glitter Rock

As well as a new duo, I also really want a multitonal eyeshadow which I can just throw on and at the moment I’m really feeling these pale pinks and purple shimmer shades. I love the Urban Decay formula and I’ve never really thought about purchasing a single from them, but again I’m going to do some swatching and see what I want most in person.

YSL Popwater Glossy Stain

Although I love my bold lipsticks, as it gets more into spring, I will no doubt be reaching for lighter formulations more. In fact, I generally reach for my glosses and sheer lipsticks more regularly than my bold ones. I really fancy a lip stain as I love that high-gloss finish and I’m thinking these from YSL. Not sure what shade to go for so shout any recommendations over!

Hourglass Lip Stylo

Another lip product I’d like to get is another Hourglass Lip Stylo. I already have one of these in Activist which is a gorgeous rosy pink, but I fancy exploring their colour range more as I absolutely love the formulation. Again I don’t think I’ll look for anything too bold.

Too Faced Diamond Highlighter Powder

My highlighter collection is far from huge and I was eyeing up a new BECCA one when I spotted this release from Too Faced. I mean how beautiful is this? I’m not mad on the somewhat clunky packaging but the shade looks absolutely gorgeous and it’s had rave reviews so I’m really keen to add this to my collection.

Stila Magnificent Metals

I picked up one of these at Christmas in Rose Retro Gold and I absolutely adore it. I’m so unsure about what to go for next, I was thinking the sparkly black for nights out, but I do also love the pearlescent ones that they have which are more ‘glossy’. Again, please let me know your recommendations!

What else should I add to my birthday beauty wish list?