Most of my makeup is stuff that I’ve chosen myself, whether I’ve bought it myself or asked for it at Christmas and birthday, but there is something so nice about being bought makeup. For Christmas, my sister presented me with this Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Eyeshadow Palette and I basically squealed. She had been showing me her own MJ palette just a few months beforehand and I loved the portability and beautiful shade selection. She knows me all too well and went for Scandalust which basically houses 7 shades that are so me. I’ve been using this palette for a few months and today I’m here to explain why I think it’d be a worthy new addition to your makeup collection, prepare to be enabled.

First up, the packaging is not only effortlessly chic but the slim shape makes it absolutely perfect for travelling. I struggle slightly with portable eyeshadow palettes as most of mine are quite large, but this one slots so perfectly into any bag and with a nice firm clasp, you can rest assured that there won’t be any breakages! It has a nice big mirror and no unnecessary brush slot so it really is as streamline as things can be.

It’s not just the packaging though, the shadows themselves are obviously what makes me love this palette so much. A combination of it being in travel-friendly packaging and having seven shades which range from light to dark, matte to shimmer, make this the perfect all-in-one palette. I could happily go away with just this palette and create all the different looks I need from light to dark. The formula of the eyeshadows themselves is seriously good, they remind me a lot of Too Faced shadows which I know is a lot of people’s favourite formula. They’re buttery, easy to blend and pigmented. Unusually, the lighter shades slightly beat the darker ones in terms of pigmentation but that is a refreshing change as all too often light shades just vanish into nothing.

Scandalust is one of the warm-toned palettes but there are loads of others to choose from if these aren’t your kinds of colours. But they’re so my kinds of colours. The shimmer shades are so multi-faceted, I would buy this palette just for the shade ‘Cause A Fuss’ as I own nothing like it, it’s so much more than just a champagne shade. At The Office is another favourite as it’s the perfect everyday shade all over the lid, or can be worn in the crease for subtle definition. You can easily ramp up your look with the darker shades in the palette too and I love to subtly line my lids with Little Miss.

This is just one look I have created with the palette, mainly using Hot Pants, Cause A Fuss and Scandalous but this palette just amazes me with how versatile it is. The shimmery terracotta shade They Call Her and the matte brown That’s Why also work perfectly together to create a totally different look.

This was never going to be a review where I discuss whether or not I like a palette, let’s be honest, it was always just going to be a rave review. Warm-toned palettes are so popular now that you may question where this would slot into your already big palette collection, but honestly, there are shades in here which are nothing like I’ve ever had before and it’s just so perfect for weekends and even weeks away. It basically houses everything I like in one small palette and how much more ideal can you get than that?