It took me a while to get on The Ordinary hype, mainly because I rarely shop beauty online and they didn’t have any shops back then, but once I tried a few products I was instantly hooked. I went through the products in my original haul quite quickly and saw dramatic skin improvements so I was keen to repurchase. Well turns out, they never have anything in stock, well at the least the two products I wanted at the same time. The other day I was in Covent Garden and finally, they were well stocked so I picked up two repurchases and something new too. So let’s see what I picked up.

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

The main one I wanted to repurchase and struggled to find ever in stock was this one, so if you do see it, grab it whilst you can! I used to swear by Effaclar Duo which is another niacinamide and zinc product but I much prefer this fast-absorbing serum as it doesn’t seem to break me out like Effaclar Duo does with the first few uses. These two ingredients are perfect for my combination, blemish-prone skin and do wonders at fading blemish scars. I have the skin type where if I get a spot, the pigmentation stays around forever afterward, whereas this does wonders for clearing up the remnants of a breakout.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

I’ve tried a fair few Hyaluronic Acid products and they’re all much of a muchness to me, but the thing that makes me love this one so much is the price – it’s so much cheaper than others I’ve tried. Again, Hyaluronic Acid works so well for my skin type as I’m definitely prone to dehydrated skin but can’t use anything too rich as I have an oily/combination complexion. I often moisturise quite a lot time before applying my makeup so I love this as a pre-makeup step to ensure I’m locking in moisture. I really notice massive differences when I use this in my skincare routine.

The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution

When I was queuing for the checkout I decided to throw in this Salicylic Acid at last minute. Whilst the Niacinamide is known for being good at clearing up the aftermath of a breakout, I don’t really have anything in my skincare collection which is good at tackling a breakout head on. I won’t be using this as an allover treatment as apparently, it can be quite drying but I’ll be using it as a spot treatment. I haven’t, thankfully, had the opportunity to use this one yet but I’ll report back when I inevitably do.

What are your top picks from The Ordinary?