Lipsticks are probably my favourite thing to discuss on my blog and my ‘three lipsticks’ series is up there are one of my favourite blog post styles too. So when the new Charlotte Tilbury Your Lip Service Royal Lipstick Trio* arrived at my doorstep, it almost felt like fate. I knew I had to get lip swatching and share the collection with you as including a pinky nude, a fuschia, and a red lip, what more could you want from this gorgeous lip trio?

Charlotte Tilbury The Duchess

Starting off with The Duchess, this is part of the KISSING range which are satin-finish lipsticks which feel moisturising and creamy on the lips. I feel like Charlotte Tilbury really knows how to do a nude lipstick so I was excited for this one and I haven’t been disappointed. It’s much pinker than I was imagining but it’s still really wearable and that extra pink touch makes it really pretty. The KISSING lipsticks are really creamy and can feel quite ‘wet’ on the lips, so it’s not the kind of lipstick where I forget it’s on as you can feel it quite prominently. But it’s moisturising and comfortable, so again not really an issue. I can see The Duchess becoming one of those lipsticks that lives in my handbag and gets a lot of use out of as it combines every day with luxury absolutely perfect.

Charlotte Tilbury The Queen

I feel like this is the shade that I’ve been missing all my life as whilst I have a few bright pinks, they’re either going on the way of baby pink or neon pink, and this just has that subtle elegance despite the bright hue. It really does remind me of the queen herself too and her bold colour choices. I generally prefer the matte revolution formula when it comes to Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks as they’re some of the most long-lasting lipsticks I own and  give your lips that 3D plumping effect, plus they don’t feel as noticeable as the KISSING range. I probably won’t wear The Queen as much as The Duchess but it’s still going to get a lot of love.

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Queen

I’m very very fussy with red lipsticks and one of the first ones I actually ever really loved and felt suited me was from Charlotte Tilbury (Red Carpet Red). I didn’t think it was possible to hit the jackpot twice but Legendary Queen has been a pleasant surprise. Normally, I avoid warmer reds and anything vaguely orange-toned like the plague but Legendary Queen is definitely sitting on the warmer side of the scale and somehow it just works. With both this one and The Queen, I think I’d go for a lip liner (I didn’t with these pics) as they are so pigmented that it can be a little hard to control them, but they’re both gorgeous lipsticks.

Overall, I absolutely love this set. It would be a great way to introduce yourself, or someone else, to the wonderful world of Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks.

Have you tried any of these lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury?