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rimmel wonder lash


I’ve always been so fussy about mascara due to my ultra-straight lashes, but since having an LVL lash lift I’ve found I can be way less fussy. It didn’t take me long to start rummaging through my collection as I have a ton of unopened mascaras – whoops. I decided to try out the Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara as I liked the sound of it being enriched with argan oil after all the chemicals that have been on my lashes. I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now so I thought I’d report back.

It’s that good old time again when I sit down and write about my monthly favourites. Although I said I wanted to change my blog content to feature more individual products, I will always have the time of day to write about what I’ve been loving throughout the month. This month it has been a fairly low-key makeup month, my LVL lashes are still going strong and the weather has been pretty damn warm, so I’ve been less about piling the makeup on. But as always I do have a few favourites.

With all this nice weather we’ve been having, minus the occasional typically British thunderstorm, my makeup bag has slowly been transitioning from spring to summer. I haven’t quite made it there yet but there has been a fair few times now where I’ve reached for a bright lipstick and coral nail polish – my summer go tos. I’m all about a low key eye look at the moment, thanks to those LVL lashes and I’m also all about perfecting my base, having a manicure and wearing lipstick. In fact, I don’t remember the last day where I didn’t wear something on my lips which was definitely not the case a few years back. Anyway, as usual it’s that time to have a mooch through my makeup bag for the month ahead.


It’s November and being a typical blogger it’s definitely one of my favourite times of the year. I absolutely love pre-Christmas winter, January and February are always a bit miserable and meh but November/December is just the best. It’s fully acceptable to be all Christmassy with loads of fun festive events and things going on in London, plus you can wrap up warm whilst you’re at it! I love the dark nights and the crisp days, I just love it all! I also feel well and truly into autumnal makeup mood now, I had quite a late start this year but now I’m embracing all the colour trends. So now to take a sneak inside my makeup bag for this month!


October was a good month for me, mostly defined by my holiday to Italy as being a well deserved and refreshing break. I used to basically live out of one makeup bag all the time as I was always between uni, home and my boyfriends but that has changed over the last year as I’ve stayed put in one place and rarely even have nights away anymore. So packing up a makeup bag for a week was definitely a tough task, but it made me really see which products I love and can depend on. It was also strange wearing makeup everyday on holiday, I normally only wear makeup a few times a week as I work from home, but it was nice to put in a little more effort again! Anyway time to move on to my favourites.