I know that Christmas feels like quite a distant memory already but I couldn’t miss out on sharing what I got for Christmas as there’s so much goodness here.  I normally write this post up straight away but actually having a few weeks to test and use the products makes this more than just a haul and more of a first impressions post. As you probably know, every Christmas and birthday I head out with my dad makeup shopping as my present and whilst I did go with a wish list, like always I deviated away – so here’s what I chose!

I know, I know, we are already halfway through January and 2017 is very much a thing of the past – but my blogging hiatus almost led me to missing out on sharing my top picks for 2017. Well, I just couldn’t miss out on that! Since I’ve been back I’ve read so many best in beauty 2017 posts (holla at me if I missed yours) as I just find them the best place to get recommendations so I hope you can still enjoy mine as these really are my *ultimate picks*. To collate this list, I sifted through all my blog posts going back to last January so I could do this fairly rather than just judging on the last few months alone and these are all products I personally discovered and loved in 2017 so not necessarily released in 2017. It wasn’t an easy choice and I had about 20 in my final list but these have got to be my top ten. In no particular order…

Oh hey there! It has been a little while since I last blogged as I pretty much decided to take December off blogging (bar some pre-scheduled posts) and my time away ran a little into January too. I’ve been blogging consistently for many a year now, so I felt that a break was well overdue, and now I’ve come back with a new layout, new photography equipment, and a whole bunch of new ideas so I feel completely and utterly refreshed. I thought today I’d come on quickly to launch my new blog layout and also share with you some blogging/life goals for 2018.

Red lipstick is an absolute must for me in December and as the years have gone on I’ve become braver and braver with it. There was a time when I wouldn’t dare go for red lipstick and then when I eventually did, I found them smudging, fading fast and on my teeth – not good looks. Over the years, I’ve found formulations which work much better for me and ones that I actually trust to stay in place. As I become braver with red lipsticks this list expands so now I’ve got a whole collection of red lipsticks I absolutely love. So today I thought I’d share those with you!

We’ve only got just over a week now until Christmas and I’m already planning what I’ll be wearing on my nails on the big day! Of course, festive nail polishes start way earlier than the 25th itself so I’ve got a whole range of nail polishes I’ve been making my way through which are maybe slightly too sparkly for the rest of the year. December is definitely the time to get all the reds and all the glitters out, and then start throwing them together to create pure festivity. Let’s take a look at my top picks.