I was overwhelmed with how successful my MAC Eyeshadow Quad giveaway was, so many entries and so many people making lovely comments about my blog and it’s new design. I’m well and truly settled with the way my blog looks now and being back in the blogging world is great once again, the support for my giveaway only helped clarify this. I went into a MAC shop on Monday and of course was having a good look at all the eyeshadows and I saw some quads on the wall and was so excited for a lucky blog visitor to receive one of these. I was meant to announce the giveaway on Monday…it’s now Thursday, not good Sally. Typically, the laptop I use to blog on has been sent away for the week for repair so I’ve only had my trusty iPad in tow. Now this is great and I don’t mind posting off it, but a computer is a lot easier. So I’ve taken a quiet five minutes at work using their desktop to write up this now and finally announce the winner of the giveaway.

Fuchsia Products

Today has been one of those days where I’ve just hid inside all day avoiding the non stop rain, but I tried to do something a little bit productive and try out a product that’s been on my makeup shelf untouched for months. OK lots of people wouldn’t really see playing around with makeup as productive but it is in my mind so do not judge. The product of choice was the ‘True Bias Fuschia’ & Other Stories Cheek & Lip Tint. I’ve only ventured into & Other Stories a couple of times and I found it a bit of a bizarre shop. It felt almost unfinished and like a pop up shop, there was lots of spelling errors on all the signs and now even on one of their products, Fuschia is spelt Fuchsia. However, there was something quite enchanting about it and I bet you could find some great finds in there so I really want to have another trip back. I haven’t bought any of their clothing but I couldn’t resist but pick up a couple of makeup goods. I absolutely loved their packaging and they had a wide array of colours and products. Amongst my purchases was this cheek and lip tint. I think I tried it when I bought it and it didn’t go well applied with fingers so was saving it until I was reunited with my Stippling Brush (being stuck at uni). I am now with this brush so thought I’d give it another go.

Autumn and Winter 2014 Jacket collection

Top L-R: Topshop Parka, River Island Blazer, Zara Duffle Coat, H&M Wool Coat
Bottom L-R: Miss Selfridge Pea Coat, Zara Fur Coat, Oasis Biker, Topshop Bomber

The weather has been pretty unpredictable recently, but things have generally been on the decline in not so sunny England. The evenings are beginning to feel that little bit colder and I’m noticing my summer denim jacket is making less and less appearances. This has caused me to be on the lookout for a new jacket to protect me against the forthcoming bitter winds. For once I’m actually being organised and looking early, every year I make the mistake of leaving it too late and then suddenly a ‘big chill’ comes along and I’m desperately layering on jumper after jumper. So today I had a look around at what the online world has to offer me in terms of jackets, I started off with just jackets but pretty quickly began to lust after some gorgeous winter coats too.

Liquid Foundation Tips

I’ve never really veered far from liquid foundation, I’ve dabbled in mousse back in the good old Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse days but that’s about it. The aim is, of course, to have a flawless and natural finish as if to say ‘this is how my skin always looks, I promise’. But believe me I had my fair share of bad experiences from patchy marks around the nose to the dreaded orange line along the jaw.¬†Over the years I’ve gained a few pearls of wisdom from family members, other blogs and just my general experiences about how best to apply it and I think I’ve got that little bit better. Less and less often I look in the mirror and notice that my face is a different colour to my neck, which is always a bonus. Now I’m not claiming to be an expert, I am far from, but I would like to share my six main tips on how to get the best out of your liquid foundation. You can have the best foundation in the world, but applied badly it will always look bad, whereas you can make a not so great foundation look a lot better just with the right technique.

NARS Orgasm Sleek Rose Gold

It is always difficult to decide whether to splurge or save when it comes to beauty products and this is what has inspired me to start a new series ‘High Street VS High End’. Whether it be known as a dupe or just as a nice high street equivalent I’ll be comparing the pricier brands to the ones you can find in your local drugstore. To kick things off I’ve gone for a definite dupe. I adore both NARS and Sleek, and for me both their stand out products are their blushers. I am a huge blush collector and I have multiple from both of these brands but not many are particularly alike, unlike these two ‘Orgasm’ and ‘Rose Gold’ which are not just like sisters but are practically twins. Orgasm was the first NARS blush I owned and entered my collection a long time before Rose Gold. But today I’m investigating whether the high street dupe would have not only sufficed but saved me a lot of money.