I dipped my toes into the world of Fenty Beauty at Christmas time when I actually queued with my poor dad for ages to get my hands on some products. Turns out the foundation was out of stock in my shade but I still came away with the beautiful highlighter duo which I adore, review here. I love that highlighter so much that I decided to do a giveaway to which the lovely Paige won and when ordering her prize, I couldn’t resist but throw a few things in for myself as I wanted to see how the rest of the range was. I’ve been trialing them for a week or so so today I thought I’d report back with some first impressions.

I really vividly remember when I discovered Benefit Cosmetics, way more than any other beauty brand. I remember being absolutely fascinated and enamored by their packaging and wanting to be the kind of person who has a great Benefit collection. Years later and I’ve tried a lot from their range, and I’ve also loved a lot from their range. I feel like lots of bloggers think Benefit are a bit ‘all style and no substance’ and lots don’t even like the packaging. But for me, I’ve always loved the quality of Benefit products, so today I thought I’d share my top 5 picks. Choosing just five wasn’t easy for me as I love so many of their products, so potentially expect a part two soon…

I’ve also been a total advocate for natural lighting. You go back and read any of my photography blog posts in the past and I’ve been so proud of being a ‘natural light photographer’ and shared many tips on how to make the most of natural light. Now when I started blogging again in January, I decided I needed a photography shake-up and on a whim, I decided to buy a ring light. My main intention with my ring light was being able to photograph more makeup looks and close-ups but actually, I’ve found myself using it for product photography too.

February is always such a short month but somehow, I’ve still developed some beauty favourites over the last four weeks. There are a few duplicates from my January picks but I decided that I was going to be a bit more relaxed with stuff like that this year, at the end of the day if I like something two or even three months running then I should definitely be shouting about it! So let’s dive right in and check out my February picks.

About a month ago I posted all about my updated skincare routine. I really decided to strip things back and make things super simple for myself and whilst I posted my first impressions back then, it’s now been a month so I thought I’d update you with how I’ve been getting on. There’s a couple products I’ve kept going for the whole month but a few I ditched and replaced along the way. I’ve also started to add back in a couple of specialised treatments so I can target specific skincare concerns more, rather than just everyday management. Anyway, I hope you find this update interesting if you read the first one, please let me know if you’d like me to make this a monthly thing!