Recently, I wrote a little tweet on Twitter (obviously) ranting about all the gift guides this year and lots of you agreed with me. I was basically saying that I was sick of seeing gift guides that were full of tat from around the house that they’d clearly half-arsed found to bulk out a post, or were just PR samples. I also said that some people have gone overboard with gift guides and I don’t need to see ten from one person, this year it almost feels like a competition to have the most and the best gift guides. Well, I decided not to give into the pressure and just wanted to create one beauty gift guide as I always do. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that there are a few PR sent items in here, but they’re from brands I specifically contacted for this post because I love their products and I’ve decided not to use affiliate links. The rest of the products are all makeup that I’ve tried, tested and loved over the years. So there’s my disclaimer. Enjoy the gift guide!

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I’ve been to a fair few blogging events in my time and my favourites are often the Christmas ones, and last week I went to one of the most festive ones yet! To celebrate the launch of the M&S Beauty Advent Calendars, M&S teamed up with Biscuiteers to bring us a gingerbread house making workshop. Yes, that is as great as it sounds. The calendar this year has been inspired by a gingerbread house, so not only did we get a house to decorate and eat but one full of beauty goodies too. Now I vlogged the event amongst other things that day so head below to see my vlog and photos of the event and calendar!

It has been so damn long since I’ve talked about my lifestyle favourites. I made a conscious effort to streamline my blog to all beauty a while back and whilst I’m absolutely loving that direction, I feel like there’s a little person inside of me desperate to share some things which aren’t beauty related that I’ve been loving. Sure, I do this on Twitter on a daily basis but I think it’s time for a quick summary so you can see the best of the best rather than today’s daily obsession. So without further ado, let’s see what I’ve been loving.

Later this week I’m heading to Tenerife with a few friends for a bit of November sun and I honestly cannot wait. Last time I went away was to Italy in October last year and whilst I loved that holiday so much, it was pretty tiring so I cannot wait for a proper sun and sea chilled one. We’re going for a long weekend so I haven’t got the biggest makeup bag going, plus I probably won’t wear that much but you know, I always like to have options. Today I thought I’d share what I’m bringing along with me, expect a lot of miniatures…

I say from time and time again two of my favourite things about blogging are blogging events and being able to discover new brands, and recently, both those things happened at the same time. I headed over to East London for a masterclass with Joan Collins’ long-term MUA Alyn Waterman to find out all about her collection – a collection I’d heard of but not tried. It was such a great event and not only did I learn some great tips and tricks from a serious beauty expert, but also discovered quite how heavily involved Joan herself was when it comes to her beauty line. This beauty line literally has a lifetime of experience and beauty knowledge in it! Anyway, I’ve been testing out the products and thought I’d report back on a few first impressions.