I really vividly remember when I discovered Benefit Cosmetics, way more than any other beauty brand. I remember being absolutely fascinated and enamored by their packaging and wanting to be the kind of person who has a great Benefit collection. Years later and I’ve tried a lot from their range, and I’ve also loved a lot from their range. I feel like lots of bloggers think Benefit are a bit ‘all style and no substance’ and lots don’t even like the packaging. But for me, I’ve always loved the quality of Benefit products, so today I thought I’d share my top 5 picks. Choosing just five wasn’t easy for me as I love so many of their products, so potentially expect a part two soon…

February is always such a short month but somehow, I’ve still developed some beauty favourites over the last four weeks. There are a few duplicates from my January picks but I decided that I was going to be a bit more relaxed with stuff like that this year, at the end of the day if I like something two or even three months running then I should definitely be shouting about it! So let’s dive right in and check out my February picks.

My January favourites are always very much full of Christmas presents and that is no exception this year around. In January I always feel completely overwhelmed but excited by makeup again as I have so many new things to try and have that ‘new year new me’ lease of life which means experimenting and getting into good skincare and makeup routines. Whilst I’ve genuinely loved everything I received for Christmas, today I thought I’d share the standouts so far.

I know, I know, we are already halfway through January and 2017 is very much a thing of the past – but my blogging hiatus almost led me to missing out on sharing my top picks for 2017. Well, I just couldn’t miss out on that! Since I’ve been back I’ve read so many best in beauty 2017 posts (holla at me if I missed yours) as I just find them the best place to get recommendations so I hope you can still enjoy mine as these really are my *ultimate picks*. To collate this list, I sifted through all my blog posts going back to last January so I could do this fairly rather than just judging on the last few months alone and these are all products I personally discovered and loved in 2017 so not necessarily released in 2017. It wasn’t an easy choice and I had about 20 in my final list but these have got to be my top ten. In no particular order…

Red lipstick is an absolute must for me in December and as the years have gone on I’ve become braver and braver with it. There was a time when I wouldn’t dare go for red lipstick and then when I eventually did, I found them smudging, fading fast and on my teeth – not good looks. Over the years, I’ve found formulations which work much better for me and ones that I actually trust to stay in place. As I become braver with red lipsticks this list expands so now I’ve got a whole collection of red lipsticks I absolutely love. So today I thought I’d share those with you!