Later this week I’m heading to Tenerife with a few friends for a bit of November sun and I honestly cannot wait. Last time I went away was to Italy in October last year and whilst I loved that holiday so much, it was pretty tiring so I cannot wait for a proper sun and sea chilled one. We’re going for a long weekend so I haven’t got the biggest makeup bag going, plus I probably won’t wear that much but you know, I always like to have options. Today I thought I’d share what I’m bringing along with me, expect a lot of miniatures…

We’ve finally arrived people, we’re at the end of the road. The end of the autumn series. Now, I don’t normally include an eyeshadow section to my seasonal series and that’s simply because I mainly use palettes which are pretty versatile for all year around. But there’s something about autumn that just encourages me to go back to certain favourites which I don’t generally gravitate towards all year round and some of my favourite palettes get pushed to the side because they don’t fit into that ‘autumnal aesthetic’. So for the last time, let’s see the chosen few.

Today in my autumn collection series I’m talking all about blushers. I struggle a little with blusher in autumn, I feel it hard to find ones that go nicely with a copper eye and berry lip without overshadowing the look. My blush collection definitely favours pinks and peaches which are perfect for spring and summer, and even winter sometimes, but autumn is just a no-no. Over the years I have built up a small collection of autumnal blushers which tick all the boxes, so if you struggle too, you might just find some gems here.

So the other day I was chatting all about my favourite lipsticks for autumn and you may have thought I offered quite a few suggestions. Well, turns out, I have more, so many more. I decided to split my autumnal lipstick recommendations into two because one part clearly just wasn’t enough as I frickin’ LOVE autumn lipsticks and whilst the other day I was showing some neutral and brown shades, today I’m talking all about those classic berry and red shades. As before, I’ve got plenty of different formulas here so I’m sure at least one of these will satisfy your autumn lipstick needs.

It only feels like yesterday that I was writing up my summer collection series but yet somehow it was actually a fair few months ago now. As you seemed to like that summer series (and the spring one before that) I thought I’d come back with an autumn iteration, especially as autumn makeup is one of my absolute favourites. I’m not sure yet how many of these I’m going to do but starting with lipsticks was an obvious choice, as I’m having a little bit of a lipstick moment and I just feel like autumn is made for lipsticks. I actually had so many autumnal lipstick picks that I’ve decided to divide this into two parts, this first part which is more neutral and brown shades, and the second part which will be focusing on those classic autumnal berry and red lipsticks. I do realise that lots of the lipsticks in this post look fairly similar – aka identical – but I just love these nude brown shades for autumn so I couldn’t help myself!