I am very loyal to my makeup brushes, I do test new ones but I have a specific set which I always go for, mainly a mix of Real Techniques, Zoeva, and MAC. I wouldn’t say I extensively use brushes or use loads of them, but the ones I do reach for always come with me. Recently, I thought I’d test myself and create a brush-less makeup routine, kind of joint with a travel not-much-space-in-my-bag routine, so let’s take a look at the products I picked out.

The last time I shared my current makeup look was back in October and as always, things have changed a fair bit since then – especially since I gained a fair few new makeup bits recently. I also didn’t photograph the look back then which was just downright lazy! The makeup look I’m sharing today isn’t strictly my ‘everyday look’, I never wear the same makeup every day and to be honest I spend a lot of my weekdays having no makeup days now anyway. But I have been going for this look a lot on evenings out, weekends and basically when I want to make a little bit of effort, so it’s a good indication of my current ‘go tos’. Let’s take a look.

For the last few years, every month I’ve shared what’s in my makeup bag for the month ahead and yano what I feel like that’s a bit excessive. Instead of going through my whole new beauty routine I’ve just decided to pick out a few key products that I’ll be trialling in the month whether that’s new in my collection or an old returner. Then in a few weeks time, I’ll come back to this and let you know how I’ve been getting on with it all. Sound good? Let’s get going.

Oh how I’ve let myself down. I was so good for so long with my skincare routine and I’m absolutely kicking myself for letting things slide again. Things started to run out that I didn’t replace and before I knew it I was back to any old moisturiser and just about taking my makeup off. Well, I’m determined for 2018 (new year new me and all that) that I’m going to be better with my skin again. I kickstarted things last week when I went to my mums to stay for the week and packed myself a little skincare routine that was really easy to follow. When I’m at my home I get tempted by serums and masks and end up just throwing on anything, but last week was the perfect way to have some consistency with my new routine. Let’s see how I got on.