It took me a while to get on The Ordinary hype, mainly because I rarely shop beauty online and they didn’t have any shops back then, but once I tried a few products I was instantly hooked. I went through the products in my original haul quite quickly and saw dramatic skin improvements so I was keen to repurchase. Well turns out, they never have anything in stock, well at the least the two products I wanted at the same time. The other day I was in Covent Garden and finally, they were well stocked so I picked up two repurchases and something new too. So let’s see what I picked up.

I dipped my toes into the world of Fenty Beauty at Christmas time when I actually queued with my poor dad for ages to get my hands on some products. Turns out the foundation was out of stock in my shade but I still came away with the beautiful highlighter duo which I adore, review here. I love that highlighter so much that I decided to do a giveaway to which the lovely Paige won and when ordering her prize, I couldn’t resist but throw a few things in for myself as I wanted to see how the rest of the range was. I’ve been trialing them for a week or so so today I thought I’d report back with some first impressions.

Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation was my go-to for ages, in fact, you can read a very old and terrible review of it if you fancy a laugh, but that is the only Laura Mercier product I’ve ever tried. I guess I’ve felt a bit overwhelmed as to what to buy as they don’t really have a USP like other brands, Urban Decay with their Naked palettes, MAC with their lipsticks etc. I guess the closest I’ve heard is Laura Mercier base products so when I received a generous voucher from my work (not from Laura Mercier) I decided to finally try some more of that range. Oh, but I couldn’t resist trying that foundation again, just to compare the old days with my new taste.

I know that Christmas feels like quite a distant memory already but I couldn’t miss out on sharing what I got for Christmas as there’s so much goodness here.  I normally write this post up straight away but actually having a few weeks to test and use the products makes this more than just a haul and more of a first impressions post. As you probably know, every Christmas and birthday I head out with my dad makeup shopping as my present and whilst I did go with a wish list, like always I deviated away – so here’s what I chose!

Recently, I’ve been lucky enough to attend a fair few blogging events and the very generous goody bags are definitely helping me cope with my current spending ban – it doesn’t feel quite so painful when there are still new beauty bits to try. I thought today I’d check in with what I’ve been trialing recently and share my first impressions as it has been a little while since I’ve chatted about all things new in beauty. I won’t ramble too much, for once, let’s just get on with the mini reviews.