Makeup Looks


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I wouldn’t describe myself as being a particularly dressy person but one way I always love to dress up is with my makeup. I have my daily makeup routine but when it comes to jazzing things up, there are a few staples that I always reach for to go from a day time look to a night time look. So whether I’m starting from scratch or want to transform my makeup whilst I’m already out  for the day, here are my staples for amping up the party level of any makeup look.

I am very loyal to my makeup brushes, I do test new ones but I have a specific set which I always go for, mainly a mix of Real Techniques, Zoeva, and MAC. I wouldn’t say I extensively use brushes or use loads of them, but the ones I do reach for always come with me. Recently, I thought I’d test myself and create a brush-less makeup routine, kind of joint with a travel not-much-space-in-my-bag routine, so let’s take a look at the products I picked out.

The last time I shared my current makeup look was back in October and as always, things have changed a fair bit since then – especially since I gained a fair few new makeup bits recently. I also didn’t photograph the look back then which was just downright lazy! The makeup look I’m sharing today isn’t strictly my ‘everyday look’, I never wear the same makeup every day and to be honest I spend a lot of my weekdays having no makeup days now anyway. But I have been going for this look a lot on evenings out, weekends and basically when I want to make a little bit of effort, so it’s a good indication of my current ‘go tos’. Let’s take a look.

The last time I wrote about my current everyday makeup look was all the way back in March and things have definitely changed since then so I thought it was finally time to show up a more up-to-date version. Now, my makeup changes just as much daily as it does weekly and monthly, so doing these kinds of posts are always slightly tricky, however, I have some firm favourites that make really regular appearances and that are housed in my ‘everyday makeup’ unit and today I’m going to share with you just what they are.