Skincare Roundups


It took me a while to get on The Ordinary hype, mainly because I rarely shop beauty online and they didn’t have any shops back then, but once I tried a few products I was instantly hooked. I went through the products in my original haul quite quickly and saw dramatic skin improvements so I was keen to repurchase. Well turns out, they never have anything in stock, well at the least the two products I wanted at the same time. The other day I was in Covent Garden and finally, they were well stocked so I picked up two repurchases and something new too. So let’s see what I picked up.

About a month ago I posted all about my updated skincare routine. I really decided to strip things back and make things super simple for myself and whilst I posted my first impressions back then, it’s now been a month so I thought I’d update you with how I’ve been getting on. There’s a couple products I’ve kept going for the whole month but a few I ditched and replaced along the way. I’ve also started to add back in a couple of specialised treatments so I can target specific skincare concerns more, rather than just everyday management. Anyway, I hope you find this update interesting if you read the first one, please let me know if you’d like me to make this a monthly thing!

Oh how I’ve let myself down. I was so good for so long with my skincare routine and I’m absolutely kicking myself for letting things slide again. Things started to run out that I didn’t replace and before I knew it I was back to any old moisturiser and just about taking my makeup off. Well, I’m determined for 2018 (new year new me and all that) that I’m going to be better with my skin again. I kickstarted things last week when I went to my mums to stay for the week and packed myself a little skincare routine that was really easy to follow. When I’m at my home I get tempted by serums and masks and end up just throwing on anything, but last week was the perfect way to have some consistency with my new routine. Let’s see how I got on.

For some reason in the last month my skincare routine has gone totally wrong. It’s not that I’ve been having bad reactions or anything, I’ve just become really lazy and have basically only been taking off my makeup and moisturising. I ran out of loads of things (mainly from The Ordinary) and I just stopped using them rather than replacing them. I’m annoyed with myself as for a good year I was really enjoying skincare and was noticing the differences in having a good routine so I’m DETERMINED to get myself back on it and enjoy skincare once again. I’ve got a fair few new products to try so I’m hoping these will spark back my love for skincare!