Lipsticks are probably my favourite thing to discuss on my blog and my ‘three lipsticks’ series is up there are one of my favourite blog post styles too. So when the new Charlotte Tilbury Your Lip Service Royal Lipstick Trio* arrived at my doorstep, it almost felt like fate. I knew I had to get lip swatching and share the collection with you as including a pinky nude, a fuschia, and a red lip, what more could you want from this gorgeous lip trio?

It took me a while to get on The Ordinary hype, mainly because I rarely shop beauty online and they didn’t have any shops back then, but once I tried a few products I was instantly hooked. I went through the products in my original haul quite quickly and saw dramatic skin improvements so I was keen to repurchase. Well turns out, they never have anything in stock, well at the least the two products I wanted at the same time. The other day I was in Covent Garden and finally, they were well stocked so I picked up two repurchases and something new too. So let’s see what I picked up.

Most of my makeup is stuff that I’ve chosen myself, whether I’ve bought it myself or asked for it at Christmas and birthday, but there is something so nice about being bought makeup. For Christmas, my sister presented me with this Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Eyeshadow Palette and I basically squealed. She had been showing me her own MJ palette just a few months beforehand and I loved the portability and beautiful shade selection. She knows me all too well and went for Scandalust which basically houses 7 shades that are so me. I’ve been using this palette for a few months and today I’m here to explain why I think it’d be a worthy new addition to your makeup collection, prepare to be enabled.

I dipped my toes into the world of Fenty Beauty at Christmas time when I actually queued with my poor dad for ages to get my hands on some products. Turns out the foundation was out of stock in my shade but I still came away with the beautiful highlighter duo which I adore, review here. I love that highlighter so much that I decided to do a giveaway to which the lovely Paige won and when ordering her prize, I couldn’t resist but throw a few things in for myself as I wanted to see how the rest of the range was. I’ve been trialing them for a week or so so today I thought I’d report back with some first impressions.

Last year I started a ‘three lipsticks’ series which I absolutely loved (post one and post two) as it gave me the chance to really easily review products and show some lipsticks in action. Today I decided to make a part three and when picking out the lipsticks I wanted to review I noticed there was a theme – sheer reds. I feel like when most people think of red lips they think of a bold lip and whilst I totally love a bold, red lip, I reach for my sheer reds a lot more. My lips are naturally quite pigmented and a dash of a sheer red just makes me look more put together, without the hassle of a bold lip. Here are basically my three favourites.