Lipsticks are probably my favourite thing to discuss on my blog and my ‘three lipsticks’ series is up there are one of my favourite blog post styles too. So when the new Charlotte Tilbury Your Lip Service Royal Lipstick Trio* arrived at my doorstep, it almost felt like fate. I knew I had to get lip swatching and share the collection with you as including a pinky nude, a fuschia, and a red lip, what more could you want from this gorgeous lip trio?

This post ISN’T sponsored, I just really love the brand and concept so wanted to share!

I’ve always thought that haircare was overcomplicated. With skincare you have the traditional ‘three-step’ routine and tons of products clearly labelled for different skin types – the haircare industry just isn’t the same. It’s also hard to find an affordable haircare brand which actually works. So when Style Freedom got in touch about their affordable haircare brand which has a very simple to follow ‘four-step’ system, I was all over that and instantly began building a routine for my fine but lots of it hair type. I found it really easy to pick products as the range is colour-coded with ‘foundation’, ‘creation’, ‘finish’ and ‘revival’ steps, so I picked a couple from each.

Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation was my go-to for ages, in fact, you can read a very old and terrible review of it if you fancy a laugh, but that is the only Laura Mercier product I’ve ever tried. I guess I’ve felt a bit overwhelmed as to what to buy as they don’t really have a USP like other brands, Urban Decay with their Naked palettes, MAC with their lipsticks etc. I guess the closest I’ve heard is Laura Mercier base products so when I received a generous voucher from my work (not from Laura Mercier) I decided to finally try some more of that range. Oh, but I couldn’t resist trying that foundation again, just to compare the old days with my new taste.

I say from time and time again two of my favourite things about blogging are blogging events and being able to discover new brands, and recently, both those things happened at the same time. I headed over to East London for a masterclass with Joan Collins’ long-term MUA Alyn Waterman to find out all about her collection – a collection I’d heard of but not tried. It was such a great event and not only did I learn some great tips and tricks from a serious beauty expert, but also discovered quite how heavily involved Joan herself was when it comes to her beauty line. This beauty line literally has a lifetime of experience and beauty knowledge in it! Anyway, I’ve been testing out the products and thought I’d report back on a few first impressions.

Recently, I’ve been lucky enough to attend a fair few blogging events and the very generous goody bags are definitely helping me cope with my current spending ban – it doesn’t feel quite so painful when there are still new beauty bits to try. I thought today I’d check in with what I’ve been trialing recently and share my first impressions as it has been a little while since I’ve chatted about all things new in beauty. I won’t ramble too much, for once, let’s just get on with the mini reviews.