The last time I did a bullet journal update was all the way back in May so I wouldn’t be surprised if you assumed it had been a fad and I’d gone back to my usual disorganisation. Well turns out, this millennial system has actually worked wonders for me and almost a year later and I’m still hooked. When I initially set it up, I did quite a lot of research and actually, whilst I know a lot of people change up their bullet journals a lot, I found most of my original spreads worked nicely for my life. However, come the end of December I was ridiculously excited to get a new one and start afresh. So today I thought I’d share some updates I’ve made to my setup for 2018.

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I’ve been to a fair few blogging events in my time and my favourites are often the Christmas ones, and last week I went to one of the most festive ones yet! To celebrate the launch of the M&S Beauty Advent Calendars, M&S teamed up with Biscuiteers to bring us a gingerbread house making workshop. Yes, that is as great as it sounds. The calendar this year has been inspired by a gingerbread house, so not only did we get a house to decorate and eat but one full of beauty goodies too. Now I vlogged the event amongst other things that day so head below to see my vlog and photos of the event and calendar!

It has been so damn long since I’ve talked about my lifestyle favourites. I made a conscious effort to streamline my blog to all beauty a while back and whilst I’m absolutely loving that direction, I feel like there’s a little person inside of me desperate to share some things which aren’t beauty related that I’ve been loving. Sure, I do this on Twitter on a daily basis but I think it’s time for a quick summary so you can see the best of the best rather than today’s daily obsession. So without further ado, let’s see what I’ve been loving.

We are now mid-November and Christmas is 100% at the forefront of my mind and a big part of that is Christmas shopping. I absolutely love Christmas shopping and I’ve always been one of those people that really enjoys buying gifts for other people and puts a lot of thought into their presents. I just love that feeling when you know you’ve got something great and they’re just going to love it. I also admit that I have a pretty expensive taste for buying presents and every year I seem to spend more and more, but I can’t help myself… Today, I thought I’d do something a bit different and share some of my go-to brands and shops for Christmas shopping. Obviously, I do a lot of high street shopping too, but if you want something special then definitely check out these!

I normally do these little life updates every other month but I just had so much to say in October that I couldn’t resist. I think for the first time ever I’ve actually hit all of my monthly goals for October so let’s just say I’ve had a good month. I honestly think I’m a happier and more motivated person in autumn and winter, I know most people have it the other way round but I’ve always loved this time of year and struggle a little in summer. So here’s to an even more productive November!