We are now mid-November and Christmas is 100% at the forefront of my mind and a big part of that is Christmas shopping. I absolutely love Christmas shopping and I’ve always been one of those people that really enjoys buying gifts for other people and puts a lot of thought into their presents. I just love that feeling when you know you’ve got something great and they’re just going to love it. I also admit that I have a pretty expensive taste for buying presents and every year I seem to spend more and more, but I can’t help myself… Today, I thought I’d do something a bit different and share some of my go-to brands and shops for Christmas shopping. Obviously, I do a lot of high street shopping too, but if you want something special then definitely check out these!

I normally do these little life updates every other month but I just had so much to say in October that I couldn’t resist. I think for the first time ever I’ve actually hit all of my monthly goals for October so let’s just say I’ve had a good month. I honestly think I’m a happier and more motivated person in autumn and winter, I know most people have it the other way round but I’ve always loved this time of year and struggle a little in summer. So here’s to an even more productive November!

I started a YouTube channel last month and so far I’ve focused my efforts on making vlogs, but a lookbook has been on the forefront of my mind for months now. I started doing some style posts last year and whilst I liked them, I always thought that a video would be better so you can really see how the outfit moves and comes together, plus lookbooks are probably my favourite thing to watch on YouTube. It was a challenging one, very time-consuming and I had to battle with everchanging weather and looking confident on the camera but I’m so pleased with the result.

September is always one of my favourite months. I guess I still have some of that motivated ‘back to school’ mentality in me as even as a 24-year-old I kind of associate September with new starts and being productive. In typical blogger style, I also love the changing seasons as I’ve always been much more of an autumn/winter person than a summer person – although summer has grown on me – I really do love the cosier weather, the layered fashions and darker evenings. This has definitely been one of my favourite months of 2017 and I’ve got some great goals ahead of October to work towards too.