MAC Mehr – the perfect brown lip?

Mac Mehr Lipstick

My relationship with MAC lipsticks seems a little cursed. For some reason I can never seem to hold onto one for too long before I lose it, I throw them in the bottom of my bags, into my pockets, in my drawer and suddenly they disappear forever. Now this doesn’t happen with my other lipsticks, and I have absolutely no complaints with the MAC packaging, so I just don’t know what it is. I’ve managed to keep hold of two of them Plumful and Mehr, conveniently both A/W shades, and I’m not letting them out of my sight for the next few months. Mehr was one of my more unusual choices and a shade I never really hear much about compared to my other MAC lipsticks (lost or not) which I researched and were pretty hyped up. I have no idea why Mehr hasn’t had much attention but maybe with the brown lip coming back into fashion this will all be yet to change.

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Wearing Makeup Doesn’t Mean You’re Insecure

Makeup Scarlett Johansson
Not only am I a rambler but I also love to have my odd rant here and there too and recently I thought to myself, where better to have a good rant than on my blog? Now I won’t forever be ranting but I thought having a ‘comment’ section on here would be a nice new addiction. I’ve always loved reading columns and when I was younger it was my lifelong dream to have a column in a newspaper. That isn’t quite the be all and end all of my life anymore but that love has never quite gone away. My blog is already full of my opinions on things, from nail varnishes and how good my cookies tasted to carnivals and winter coats, but this section is for something a little bit more broad. Whether I feel like ranting about a current issue on the news, or just pondering on a thought that’s been bothering me lately, this is where all of this will go. It won’t be an area full of pretty pictures of blushers surrounded by flowers and it won’t be short and sweet, so if you’re more into that maybe click elsewhere on the blog, for here is the place I will ramble about something on my mind.

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High Street Beauty Haul #3

haul main photo

A recent visit to the shops led to me to replace a few things, do some restocking and buy some items I’ve been after for a while. You really can’t go wrong with the high street, especially with places like Boots & Superdrug selling more brands then ever before and I rarely just pop into them without at least browsing the makeup section. Sometimes it’s easy to get trapped into the expensive world of high end, but like I proved recently in my high street vs high end post it is not always necessary to splurge and those extra pennies are better off elsewhere. With deals on here, there and everywhere I couldn’t resist but pick up a few things so let’s go ahead with my first impressions.

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Notting Hill Carnival 2014

Notting Hill Carnival 9
London is a great place to live, and I’m lucky enough to spend most of my time there at my boyfriends flat, and even as a child I lived in the suburbs and visited frequently. I was particularly lucky this year to have the best view possible of Notting Hill Carnival as the parade goes along my boyfriends road. Notting Hill Carnival happens every year and is the biggest of its type in Europe. It celebrates West Indian culture with the music, floats and lots of street food. I’ve never really got too involved with it in the past but this year I got to experience it first hand from the comfort of my sofa.

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By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Frozen Quartz

By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Frozen Quartz Product Photo

By Terry is one of those brands that I’d heard of, admired and wanted but never actually seen. So when I stepped into a Space NK and was presented with a stand full of their most coveted products I was memorized and slightly overwhelmed. I had heard nothing but good about them, especially their Ombre Blackstar cream eyeshadows. So I couldn’t resist swatching and then parting with some cash. I say some cash very lightly because they do come in at £28.00 which is more than expensive for an eyeshadow, but with rave reviews I assumed I would definitely get my moneys worth. I rarely buy an item I have researched and find myself disappointed, however this was all about to change with the Ombre Blackstar as I would ask for my money back in a heartbeat.

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