My Life As Of Now

This is a bit of a different blog post from me, I normally at least gravitate towards beauty or fashion within my blogs with a tiny hint of who I am and what I’m about. But I’ve decided to have this as a completely lifestyle driven post; whether this is interesting to readers or not I’m not sure, but even if I only do one of these ever it would have hopefully helped me. I’ve been in a very self-reflective mood recently and this is due to a number of factors going on in my life for me at the moment. March was a hard month for me personally but my blog kept me going and kept me (kind of) sane. I’ve been really terrible this last week, for most people this might be normal but for me it felt as if I had completely disowned the beauty blogging community after everything they helped me with in March. I haven’t blogged in 5 days whereas normally it is at least every other day, I haven’t updated my Twitter, Urturn, Instagram or replied to my messages. But however guilty I feel, I didn’t want to force it, I didn’t want to force a smile of me trying on my millions of Revlon Lip Butters (yes I have bought more) because I want this blog to be a reflection of me and not a lie. I have had a terrible day today but in the last hour I just began to laugh at my situation, an ounce of hope for the future! Life is what you make it after all and I strongly believe this. For me this week will be a fresh start and I can finally be myself again.

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NOTD: Barry M Papaya Polka Dots

This week I have been scrolling through bloglovin’ and seen so much creativity when it comes to nails and I’m not going to lie this inspired me. I thought I’d try out my new Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint by Barry M in Papaya and although I liked the colour, I was looking at my nails and thought they looked kind of boring. In comparison to all this amazing nail art mine looked very plain. So I ran downstairs to the fridge to get some more nail varnish (anyone else leave theirs in the fridge? no just me..) and I find a white from a french manicure set. I then used a bobby pin I found, and trust me I can find them pesky things just about anywhere if I look hard enough, and started to polka dot my nails. It was actually very easy and I love how they look now. Typically, the hand which I didn’t photograph (my left) looks a lot better in my opinion as my skills at polka dotting improved during the nail painting session. But none the less I’m happy! 

NARS Albatross Review & How to Apply

NARS Albatross Highlighting Powder (£21.50) featured way back in February (oh so long ago) in my favourites posts HERE and I had a few comments asking not only to review it but to show how I apply it. I mentioned on that post that at first it wasn’t one of my favourites simply because I didn’t quite understand how to apply it but now I feel I have had enough experience to let you know how I use this amazing product. I received this highlighter for Christmas and although it is expensive I have only recently started making a dent on it, as you can see in the photo, and I pretty much use this everyday.

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Exciting Social Networking Update

Prepare to get extremely excited guys, I know this might be a little overwhelming for some of you so please take a deep breath. Okay, are you ready? Drum roll please. I have added BUTTONS to my website. Wow I know, the moment you have all been waiting for and I’m sure you are all preparing the party as we speak. After hours of hard labour I have finally added my social networking icons along the right hand side of my website. I no longer have to occasionally ask you to follow me on Twitter at the bottom of my posts, although I’ll probably still do that let’s be honest. Photoshop has been my best friend tonight and do hope you think they look pretty, if you don’t I’ll cry. I’d love to have any feedback on the design! Now down to the nitty gritty, they are actually there for a purpose other than to just look nice.

Bloglovin’ – Seem as though GFC will soon to be dead to us, it would be great if you could follow me on here otherwise goodbye hearing when I update my blog. I actually deleted all my GFC contacts earlier by accident so that would explain why you are a follower down, it was a mistake. But there really is no point me re-following everyone as it’ll only be Bloglovin’ soon anyway. I follow everyone who follows me!

Twitter – I am actually quite a Twitter fiend and I find it great for networking. I join in with the #bbloggers conversations when I’m around and generally post updates about my life/blog.

Urturn – Now this is the one only a few of you have probably heard of. It is kind of Pinterest meets Facebook meets Instagram and I love it. I might do a blog post entirely dedicated to Urturn when I’ve played around with it more (as you can see I have absolutely nothing on it at the moment). But watch this space as it’s a great new fun website to check out!

Instagram: Generally consists of pictures of my food and cats, it is my personal account as opposed to specifically made for my blog (like I did for Twitter) but I will happily follow anyone back!

Mail: Links to my brand new shiny contacts page. Just in case you want to send me a message of course.

YouTube: I’m really not sure how my YouTube future will go, it might be a fad for me and I’ll stick to blogging only but you never know I might get into the video making. I do love editing and find it nice to talk infront of a camera so we will see!

Will be lovely to hear from you all in the world of social networking!

March Favourites

I am back with another monthly favourites and this month I’ve had a lot to rave about, especially in the skin/body care department. I’ve tried to be fair and think about the entire month as opposed to just the last week because I have found a few potential holy grails since my birthday haul (HERE) but maybe they will make an appearance in April. I have neglected my hair this month on the product front with absolutely no hair goods featuring but I rarely find something that actually makes my hair nice so I’ve kind of given up. Before I forget if you would like to see a YouTube video of my March Favourites as well as my blog post let me know in the comment box. Let’s get to it!

1) On and on Bronze Color Tattoo by Maybelline (£4.99). I picked this up early on in the month and I have used it so much since. I am incredibly lazy especially in the mornings getting ready for a lecture and this has been my saviour for those lazy days. It is so quick to apply but looks like you have put some serious effort into your eyeshadow blending. I’m not sure about the 24 hour claim (who wears makeup for that long at a time?!) but it really does last all day without creasing. It is a gorgeous shade and I’m determined to go back and get some more as they have some others colours which I have been eyeing up. If you want a full review of this let me know as I feel I have a ton more to say!
2) Colorburst Lip Butters by Revlon (£7.99). These have had a lot of hype and I really see why. I am a big fan of moisturising lip products for an everyday use and these manage to moisturise whilst maintaining a good colour payoff, a rare achievement. The colours are really buildable so you can have them from being quite sheer to real statement lips. I have Candy Apple, Sweet Tart and Tutti Frutti (I clearly loved them if I went back to buy more). They are long lasting and so easy to apply and have become a real staple in my handbag. 
3) Instant Boost Skin Tonic by Liz Earle (£13.25). To be honest I’ve never really seen the point in toner, I know the science behind it and I do use one but kind of always felt it was a con. I never saw any effects or felt any different by using one. It was a bit of a chore using as what is the point in using something which seems pointless. However this month, EVERYTHING changed (cue dramatic music). This toner is heavenly and is the most enjoyable step to my skincare regime. It is so refreshing and makes my skin feel instantly hydrated and refreshed. I don’t think I’ve ever used a product which is genuinely a pleasure to use but now I have. Whenever my skin feels slightly grimy or clogged this just makes me feel so much better. Love this.
4) Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden. This is actually a sample which came in my March Glossybox. On that note I let you all down by not reviewing my March Glossybox. I didn’t forget I just was very busy with essays when it arrived and kind of let it slip. I considered doing it the other day but it just felt a little late so sorry glossybox fans. However this was my favourite product from the box. I left this as a kind of mask on my face overnight and I woke up and saw instant results. I had slight scarring on my cheek due to old picked spots (woops) and I have tried everything to get rid of them and finally after just one night they had basically vanished. This was a good few weeks ago and they have still gone so this really is a miracle product. Not sure if I’ll buy the full sized product, maybe if I get some money!
5) Satsuma Body Butter by The Body Shop. I wrote about buying a pack of three of these for a tenner in my high street haul at the beginning of the month (HERE) and this has been the stand out one of the pack. I absolutely love fruity smells, I much prefer them to spiced or sweet smells as they just make me feel so refreshed. And this is very fruity. It is probably a bit of a love or hate scent but I love it and it makes me feel like a giant healthy tangerine.
6) Bubblegum Lip Scrub by Lush (£5.25). I also bought this during that very successful high street haul and it is amazing. I find this product really fun, it is rare I find a lip scrub or any kind of scrub for that matter fun but this really is. Not only does it taste amazing but it really does the job too. Instantly after using this my lips feel softer and make the job of putting any lip product on a lot easier. Although it is pretty expensive I can see this lasting a long while, well unless I fulfil that craving to get a spoon and just eat this…
That is everything for this month and I hope you have enjoyed reading. Please let me know whether you’d like a video for this or whether you have heard all you need to. Don’t forget to check out my YouTube HERE.