September Favourites

I can’t quite believe how quickly September has been and gone, and I know that people say this about every month but this one really has been action-packed and gone pretty damn speedily. Especially the last two weeks where I have been incredibly busy fitting back into the bubble of university life. I also started a new job which has pretty much eaten up my spare time and kept me occupied away from blogging. Although I’ve had a busy month, I have been a little more experimental with my makeup especially in the lip department, so expect some lip reviews coming up and no doubt featuring in next month’s favourites. Pretty sure I’ve found some gems in the last week. But let’s take one month at a time and zoom in to some of my most loved products of the beginning of Autumn.
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My Revlon Lip Butter Collection

Ever since Revlon released their lip butters I have been pretty much obsessed. This has not been good for my bank account because when I get obsessed with a product, I end up buying it again and again in different shades until I have quite a collection. And the lip butters are no exception to this bad habit, in fact they are one of my worst victims. Until this year I shyed away from lip products, I would much rather pay attention to the base and the eyes than add a pop of colour to the lips. This couldn’t be further from the truth now, I feel slightly naked without something on the lips, even if it is just a tinted lip balm. And I have really begun to experiment with bolder colours, especially on nights out. I put this progress down to the lip butters alone. They aren’t the longest lasting lip products known and definitely aren’t the most pigmented but that is what makes them so great. The transformation from an untouched set of lips to ones with bright matte lipstick on was always way too daunting for me, so instead I’ve been eased in with a light wash of colour that is not only moisturising but can be built up to a bolder lip too.

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Current Facial Skincare Regime

This time last year my skincare regime was pretty much non existent, it consisted of me occasionally removing my makeup and having the odd few days where I would actually try. But I decided to make a New Years Resolution to change this, normally I’m unsuccessful with resolutions but I’ve shocked myself and actually stuck to it, and nine months later I’m seeing the results. I always had pretty bad skin, I started getting spots at a young age and the scarring stayed with me. I convinced myself that it was genetic and I just had to wait it out, however nearing the age of twenty surely these acne-ridden teenage years were meant to be gone?

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Company & Illamasqua Makeup Masterclass Event

Settling into a new house can take a good few days, the unpacking seems endless and the list of things to sort is painfully long. However, I can finally relax on my bed in my brand new room and get down to blogging about an event I attended this time last week. One day when casually browsing the¬†Company Magazine¬†website I spotted a small advertisement for an event in association with Company’s beauty week and the high end brand Illamasqua. It was free, in London, promised free champagne and goodies and a make up class. This all sounded pretty good so I text my friend immediately to ask her if she wanted to join me and she was up for it, what was there to turn down? Living in London everything can always be a little on the expensive side and being the poor student that I am, I tend to avoid them. However a free event with a magazine that I already love was an opportunity which couldn’t be missed and with only twenty spaces available I felt lucky to have been landed with a ticket.

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August Beauty Favourites

I have returned from sunny Scotland (yes it actually was sunny) back to the blogging world and I am happy to be reunited with it once again. It was a lovely break although I can’t say the 12 hour journey on a coach was particularly relaxing but I’ll let that one slide for now. I am back to reality for a couple days then I am packing up all my stuff, once again, to return to university. So my life is a bit haphazard at the moment but I still have some time to tell you all about the products I was loving in the month of August. August was a bit of a funny month for me, half of it was spent at home with lots of days going make up free and then the second half I was away on my holidays. View Post