August Beauty Favourites

I have returned from sunny Scotland (yes it actually was sunny) back to the blogging world and I am happy to be reunited with it once again. It was a lovely break although I can’t say the 12 hour journey on a coach was particularly relaxing but I’ll let that one slide for now. I am back to reality for a couple days then I am packing up all my stuff, once again, to return to university. So my life is a bit haphazard at the moment but I still have some time to tell you all about the products I was loving in the month of August. August was a bit of a funny month for me, half of it was spent at home with lots of days going make up free and then the second half I was away on my holidays. View Post

And goodbye for a few…

Just thought I’d write to tell you I won’t be around for the rest of the month as I am going to visit friends in Scotland. Seem as though I’ll be without my laptop and my camera the likelyhood of blogging is looking incredibly dismal. However, don’t despair I will be back in September with a vengeance so don’t come on my blog and think ‘oh she hasn’t posted in ages, she must have disappeared AGAIN’ as that really isn’t the case (for once).

So anyway, have a nice couple of weeks and keep blogging so I have a ton of blog posts to come back to for my reading list, appreciated.

Bye for now!

What’s On My Playlist #1

Today I’m venturing away a little bit from the beauty and fashion world and turning my head to an entirely different industry: music. My creative juices have been flowing a ton recently and I’ve been desperate to get on and do some fashion inspiration and beauty posts but I’ve been incredibly busy and the only thing to get me through my busy week has been my music. I’ve always loved music, I grew up in a household where it was incredibly prominent, I don’t remember a time when a CD wasn’t playing in the background. But when you go to university you kind of expect to discover loads of new music, I mean you are making 50 thousand over discoveries (like how to use a washing machine…) you at least assume you’ll find some new bands. View Post

The Battle: One Heck of a Blot vs Stay Matte

When I’m looking into buying I product, I don’t so much look at the price as an individual concept, I tend to look at it as if to say, ‘is this product worth said amount of money?’ and I judge this by certain factors: how much I need it, how much I want it and how good are the cheaper alternatives. And the last point is kind of the defining factor for me; if there is a cheaper product which does an efficient job then what is the point in splashing the cash? There are lots of products where I find high street does it just as well as high end and others where they just can’t compete to their pricier but better opponents. But today I’m actually talking about two high street products, however they have a hefty enough price difference to validate a comparison and answer the question, is the pricier one worth the extra pounds?

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OOTD #2: Denim & Pastel

An outfit of the day is a rare post for me. I can rarely find anyone around to photograph me, always feel slightly awkward and I’m not that confident in my own fashion taste. Don’t get me wrong I think I dress acceptably but definitely don’t feel an “expert” enough to be showing off how I dress. With make up I feel quite knowledgeable on the topic and I can talk about it and advise people for hours, but fashion, not so much. But hey the sun was shining and I felt like doing something a little different so grabbed my brother and kindly asked him to work my camera and make me look like a supermodel. Supermodel not quite yet, fashionista definitely not but I do quite like my nail varnish…

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