High Street Beauty Haul #1

Had a little bit of a shopping spree earlier when I was at Windsor, a town I hadn’t been to for years (and when I say years I mean since I was about 3) and it was an absolute delight. Lovely shops alongside an amazing castle and a place I would highly recommend. I went into a lot of shops but ended up buying things from The Body Shop, Boots and Lush, not really surprising since I’m a total make up nerd. If there is anything you want me to fully review please leave me a comment as I read every comment and pay attention to your requests! So here is what I bought…
First I went into The Body Shop and was overwhelmed by the choice. I was specifically looking for two things, one of which a more natural toner. The toner I currently use is one by Clinique but I’m pretty convinced I am allergic to the entire three-step which I purchased so when I saw this it looked perfect. I made sure I bought something alcohol-free and this was what I found. Aloe Calming Toner by The Body Shop only came in at £8.00 which seemed like a good price for a toner.
The second item I was looking for was a body butter and I ended up getting three for £10.00 which again seemed like a bit of a bargain. I had started by smelling each individual flavour they have and had decided Satsuma was the most gorgeous. But then I saw these hidden away on the shelf, three miniatures for ten quid and they had several different combinations and decided the Satsuma, Lemon and Cocoa were best for me. I can’t wait to try these!!
After The Body Shop I took a trip to Boots next door where I picked up some nail varnish and lip butters. The two nail varnishes I picked up were, surprise surprise, Essie ones. I bought the infamous Fiji which I have heard so many positives about, a gorgeous very pale pink. I also bought Mint Candy Apple which is the perfect Spring mint shade. I am so excited about trying both of these nail varnishes out. I’ve never been in a Boots with a specific Essie stand so I was over the moon to find this one!
From Boots I also purchased two of the extremely blogged about Lip Butters by Revlon (£7.99). The samples were pretty disgusting and mashed up which made it incredibly difficult to choose the shades but I ended up going with Cherry Tart and Candy Apple (£7.99). There was a buy one half price deal going on at the Revlon stand too which made me buy two instead of just the initial one I had intended to. As a newcomer to the lip world I am looking forward to trying these sheen and moisturising balms.
Next I took a visit to Lush. A shop I’ve avoided for the last few years due to it’s overpriced goods (in my opinion) and ridiculous smell. Although the products are lovely, I don’t understand how the workers manage there, my boyfriend had to step outside whilst I chose my face mask due to the smell simply being too much. They were very helpful in there and recommended the Love Lettuce face mask, at £5.95 this seemed quite steep, please don’t tell me this is only one masks worth?
The final product of the day was the Bubblegum Lip Scrub (£5.25) which I’ve heard so so so many positive things about. My lips have been pretty dry since the loss of my two carmex pots (I still blame Dan Ruth) so this is my new replacement. Plus it tastes amazing….
I’m really pleased with all the products I bought today and can’t wait till trying them. I’m sure I’ll review them all but if there are any you urgently want to hear about please let me know and I sure will deliver!

Liebster Award

The Liebster Award has been circulating for a long time and is such a lovely idea to promote new blogs which deserve recognition  This is why I was so chuffed to receive this lovely award from Jodie Marie over at What Would Audrey Wear I seriously recommend you check out her blog!
The rules of the award are pretty simple and I’m sure you all know them by now:
11 facts about yourself
Answering 11 questions
Asking 11 question
Nominating 11 people
I see a theme with 11 there somehow…However I’m going to be a spoil sport and save the facts about me for another time as I’ve been planning to do a separate blog post on getting to know me fully at another time. So I’ll just answer and ask 11 questions. Am I allowed to do that? Am I cheating? Please Mr Liebster don’t tell me off.
Anyway so here goes with Jodie’s questions:
1.Why you began blogging?
Slightly stereotypical answer here in that I had been looking at beauty blogs for a long time and watched a lot of Youtube videos. I felt I had something more to add with my passion for beauty. I’ve really loved how welcoming everyone has been and this has encourage me more and it has become part of my everyday lifestyle which I love.


2. Favourite thing you’ve ever worn
I had a good long think about this question and came to the conclusion it was nothing too serious. My Incredibles fancy dress outfit! I wore this during freshers week at uni with my friend Dan and we had such fun wearing these costumes, so many people came up to us wanting photographs and it was hilarious. I actually felt very comfortable dressed as a superhero too, I think that is saying something…
3. Three goals you want to achieve this year
My first goal would be to do well for my course in my first year, this includes my exam and my end of year project. I’d love to come out with a first for the practical project but I think that is aiming a little too high. But as long as I pass..
My second would be to buy lots of NARS! I love NARS it is fast becoming my favourite beauty brand (expensive taste I know). I have three products from them and I love them all and want to buy more more more.
My third would be to start Youtube. I love watching Youtube videos and seem as though I’m studying film I reckon I could put a half decent video up!
4. Favourite Disney Character
Shocking to believe I never really liked Disney as a kid, I was too keen on watching The Blues Brothers and Bugsy Malone.


5. Best thing that’s ever happened to you
This is probably going to be the cheesiest thing I have ever written and ever WILL write on my blog but it is the truth. Fourteen months ago I started going out with one of my best friends and we are still together today. It has been difficult and we are having a rough time at the moment but I only hope he reads this and realises how much he means to me! It has been a wonderful year together. I have included a lovely (questionable) photo of us where I look ever so vacant…
6. Item that’s top of your wishlist right now
Probably an Urban Decay palette, either Naked 1 or 2, not sure which, any suggestions?
7. Favourite place in the world
Probably my bedroom at home. I never appreciated it when I had it, it was tiny and I never really spent much time in there. But suddenly I’m away and in a massive hotel-like room at uni and I really miss how cosy my old room was!
8. Comfort food
I’m actually one of these people who doesn’t really comfort eat, if I’m ill or upset I tend to just starve. But if I’m having a lazy day I definitely reach for chocolate, I have some sort of addiction to that stuff, mind you what girl doesn’t.
9. Where/how did you meet your best friend
I don’t really like to say I have a best friend, I don’t have a best cat so why should I pick a best friend. Controversial…
10. What inspires your style?
I get a lot of fashion and beauty inspiration from celebrities, not gonna lie. I tend to fixate around one celebrity for a few months and then move swiftly on to the next. My fashion icon was Kim Sears, Andy Murray’s girlfriend (weird and creepy I know) but I’ve kind of moved onto Zooey Deschanel. I don’t copy as such, just get inspired!!
11. Beauty product you can’t live without
Two words: nail varnish. I hate bare nails, I don’t care if I have the world’s ugliest nail varnish on, it is better than bare nails. I love Essie ones but I could never pick a colour as I find they really reflect my mood/the weather!
Now for my questions to people:
1) What has been your biggest fashion faux-pas?
2) Have you got a favourite pair of shoes?
3) Do you have any pets?
4) Most meaningful piece of jewellery?
5) Favourite highstreet fashion brand?
6) Favourite high end makeup brand?
7) Best dressed celebrity?
8) What are your favourite posts to read on blogs?
9) How long have you been blogging for?
10) What is your dream job?
11) Person you care about the most?
And the nominees are, drum roll please.
I picked people because I look at their blogs a lot and feel they have amazing content and are genuinely interesting to read 🙂

Thanks for reading and check out these lovely people’s blogs 🙂

February Favourites

Monthly favourite posts are one of my favourite type to read and this is because a product review doesn’t show the context of the make up buyer, okay I’m starting to sound like I’m writing an essay. But what I mean is that even if someone gives a product a good review, it doesn’t mean it is going to be used in their routine so monthly favourites seem to give a kind of ‘best of the best’ approach. This is my first one and what better day to start it on than the last day of the month, so here are my February favourites (I like alliteration…)

I’ve decided to pick maximum two productions from each category otherwise knowing me it would all be make up. Starting off with skincare. 
1) I love… Mango & Papaya Hand Lotion from Superdrug. Now this was a present to me for Christmas alongside a bubble bath/shower gel however this was the product which really stood out. This stuff smells AMAZING and makes my hands feel fresh and moisturised afterwards. It doesn’t make my hands feel sticky at all, it really is the perfect hand cream. 
2) Apricot Scrub by St. Ives. I have been recommended this scrub for years and a while ago I sent off for a tester. It sat on my shelf for ages until this month I picked it up and I realise now why everyone goes on about it. You can really feel it working and your skin feels so soft after a treatment. It smells really good too and works fine on my sensitive skin.
3) Albatross Highlighting Blush Powder by NARS (£21.50). This has become an absolute staple in my make up bag and I wear it most days. Although it is expensive it looks unused  after two months so I can imagine this product will last me a long time. Only this month have I really learnt how to apply it to suit me and it really does add that radiant glow now.
4) Nothing but Nude Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Transparent Lip Tint by Rimmel (£4.49). I really love to wear this product on a daily basis because it just adds a slight colour to my lips without being overbearing. I find the lasting time to be good although I really don’t like the balm on the other end, so I use my own. But this is a really good everyday subtle product which I now go to on my less daring days.
5) Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray by TRESemmé (£5.50). I’m not very good with heat protection sprays, I often forget this crucial stage. However, since I’ve been using this I haven’t forgotten once because it feels like an enjoyable part of my hair routine because it makes my hair feel so lovely. I normally avoid anything with the word shine as it kind of translates to grease with my hair but this is definitely an exception.
6) Tangle Teezer Pink (£10.99). I wouldn’t say this has changed my life like some people quote, but it has made my hair slightly easier to maintain. I don’t use it all the time but it comes out when I have a serious knot located within my locks. I still prefer to go to my trusty comb to brush through my damp hair after a shower but the tangle teezer is a worthwhile investment!
I’ve only briefly touched on all these items so if anyone wants a more detailed review on something please do tell me and I’ll happily put up a review!

Oxford Street Haul

On Sunday I went into London for the day to do a little shopping and go to the cinema (Django Unchained = good film). I had checked my bank account after literally two months of avoiding logging in to see the damage I had done. But this time I was pleasantly surprised and found I had done a hell of a lot better than I thought I had with my savings so this kickstarted the spending spree I went on.

First I went to John Lewis in Oxford Street and this is one of my favourite shops. I bought nearly all of my Christmas shopping in here, there is something for everyone however corny that might sound. And the things for me were of course located at the very entrance of the shop in the beauty aisles. This place is like heaven and I could spend my entire life fortune here and it really wouldn’t take much effort.

My first treat was the infamous Orgasm Blush by NARS (£21.50) and I was so excited to finally buy this after months of lusting after it. This has got to be one of the most hyped up products in the beauty community and after I felt that Albatross Highlighting Blush and Laguna Bronzer also by NARS lived up to their reputation there was no harm in purchasing this beautiful blush (well my bank balance felt a bit of harm).


First impressions were and are really good and I’m definitely pleased I finally got round to purchasing this product. The blush is a gorgeous pinky-golden hue and I’m sure you are sick of hearing about how wonderful it is as a daily blush which shimmers under the sunlight, how romantic. I felt (of course) slightly embarrassed buying this product and I don’t think I could have taken it if I was shopping with my parents, but the shop assistants must sell this product on an hourly basis, or something, so I’m pretty sure they are used to it. Overall, well worth the money, it’s making good first impressions oh and the packaging is as sleek as ever.
Next I wondered over to the Laura Mercier counter and bought the product I had also lusted over for months. I’ve been looking for a new foundation for a long time, I used to use Double Wear by Estée Lauder but really went off it’s matte and chalky finish. After reading a small library worth of reviews I decided on Silk Crème Foundation by Laura Mercier (£33.00). The woman at the counter was really friendly and helpful and colour-matched me, she tried on about five different shades and commented ‘You are paler than you look,’ to which I must have looked slightly baffled and confused. Compliment or not who knows?


The squeezy tube is actually really clever, making it perfect for travel and you can really control how much comes out of the bottle. On first impressions the product has a much thinner consistency than I imagined and I really hope it is as buildable as everyone keeps saying because I want a full coverage foundation. It was an expensive buy but I really hope it becomes my Holy Grail foundation as otherwise I’ll just need to keep searching.
Last thing on the make up front that I picked up was a Lip Crayon by Topshop in shade Wave Goodbye (£7.00). This is shockingly the first Topshop make up product which I have purchased and I still can’t think of an excuse as to why I have left it so late. I chose this  simply because I don’t have many lip products and have only recently got into wearing anything other than lip balm on my lips. The colour looked gorgeous and I thought it was a really reasonable price. Hopefully this won’t disappoint as a new Topshop buyer.
Now please don’t kill me for the lack of high quality photos I present you with, I didn’t realise how impractical taking photographs of clothes is when you don’t have a tripod, another person or even the right kind of hangers (yes I’m talking about the lack of skirt hangers in my university room). But hopefully you can get the general gist of the clothes I bought from Topshop.
I was actually really disappointed with the selection that Topshop had in stock, okay you probably are now assuming I’m the most fussy person in the world as yes I was in the Oxford Street Topshop. But really I wasn’t impressed!! I went into a few other shops too like Zara and H&M and didn’t seem to like anything. But I managed to find these two gems which I did like, I’m never so unimpressed that I don’t find anything at all, don’t be ridiculous!
The T-Shirt cost around £16 which I thought was pretty reasonable and I always like a thick white cotton T-Shirt. It looks really unflattering on the photograph but the material really hangs loose but in all the right places and it looks really casual but nice. I intend to roll the sleeves up.
The skirt is a really gorgeous material, kind of like a suede but thicker and again falls really nicely. I’m not sure if I’ll wear these two together yet, I’m generally not sure what I will wear with the skirt other than black tights (my legs being bare is a rare occasion left for holidays). But it was £20 so I thought I couldn’t really go wrong with a grey skirt! This skirt is on the Topshop website but I couldn’t find the top!
I am really pleased with my purchases today and if there is anything you want me to review properly once I have moved past the first impressions stage then please let me know!


NOTD: Essie Lapiz of Luxury

Seem as though my Ciate Pom Pom nail varnish decided to chip painfully rapidly I went back to one of my polishes which I know stays on for a long long period of time in order to prepare for a busy week ahead! Essie as a company gets quite mixed reviews, some love their nail varnishes, everyone loves their colours but some just don’t think the quality is up to scratch especially in comparison to OPI. However I have had a brilliant experience with them so far.
Only recently have I entered the world of non high-street nail varnishes, being addicted to Barry M previously. But when in Paris I bought  blue,red and off white (how very French of me) Essie nail varnishes and I would find it difficult to go back to the high street now. They take ages to chip, are easy to apply with a nice thick brush and their colours are so creamy and lovely.
And this is no exception. Lapiz of Luxury by Essie is one of those nail varnishes I picked up and I absolutely love it. It is such a gorgeous sky blue with hints of a purple-mauve. The colour is perfect for Spring time and although bright isn’t particularly loud or overpowering. I can imagine this teamed up with a nice floral dress and denim jacket.
This is one of my favourite nail varnishes and I’ll be sure wearing this in the Spring time.