About a month ago I posted all about my updated skincare routine. I really decided to strip things back and make things super simple for myself and whilst I posted my first impressions back then, it’s now been a month so I thought I’d update you with how I’ve been getting on. There’s a couple products I’ve kept going for the whole month but a few I ditched and replaced along the way. I’ve also started to add back in a couple of specialised treatments so I can target specific skincare concerns more, rather than just everyday management. Anyway, I hope you find this update interesting if you read the first one, please let me know if you’d like me to make this a monthly thing!

The POREfessional was one of the first primers I tried, in fact, you can read about it in my first ever birthday haul in 2013 (prepare to laugh/cringe at my blog) and I’ve always loved it. It has definitely become a marmite product, with loads of people swearing by it and others hating it. I find it’s loved by people who aren’t into blogging or reading recommendations whereas bloggers tend to dislike it. For me, I’ve always found that it works an absolute treat. If I want to create a smooth canvas for my skin and fill in my pores I will always reach for silicones and tend to go for The POREfessional – I just make sure I thoroughly cleanse when I take it off.

This post ISN’T sponsored, I just really love the brand and concept so wanted to share!

I’ve always thought that haircare was overcomplicated. With skincare you have the traditional ‘three-step’ routine and tons of products clearly labelled for different skin types – the haircare industry just isn’t the same. It’s also hard to find an affordable haircare brand which actually works. So when Style Freedom got in touch about their affordable haircare brand which has a very simple to follow ‘four-step’ system, I was all over that and instantly began building a routine for my fine but lots of it hair type. I found it really easy to pick products as the range is colour-coded with ‘foundation’, ‘creation’, ‘finish’ and ‘revival’ steps, so I picked a couple from each.