My January favourites are always very much full of Christmas presents and that is no exception this year around. In January I always feel completely overwhelmed but excited by makeup again as I have so many new things to try and have that ‘new year new me’ lease of life which means experimenting and getting into good skincare and makeup routines. Whilst I’ve genuinely loved everything I received for Christmas, today I thought I’d share the standouts so far.

The last time I did a bullet journal update was all the way back in May so I wouldn’t be surprised if you assumed it had been a fad and I’d gone back to my usual disorganisation. Well turns out, this millennial system has actually worked wonders for me and almost a year later and I’m still hooked. When I initially set it up, I did quite a lot of research and actually, whilst I know a lot of people change up their bullet journals a lot, I found most of my original spreads worked nicely for my life. However, come the end of December I was ridiculously excited to get a new one and start afresh. So today I thought I’d share some updates I’ve made to my setup for 2018.

Oh hey there! It has been a little while since I last blogged as I pretty much decided to take December off blogging (bar some pre-scheduled posts) and my time away ran a little into January too. I’ve been blogging consistently for many a year now, so I felt that a break was well overdue, and now I’ve come back with a new layout, new photography equipment, and a whole bunch of new ideas so I feel completely and utterly refreshed. I thought today I’d come on quickly to launch my new blog layout and also share with you some blogging/life goals for 2018.